Cuba, about to change forever is a land of sun, song and dance. A land of extraordinary beauty and almost impossible contrasts. A country where music is always just around the next corner and where the locals are so warm and welcoming, you’ll find yourselves in constant conversation and probably a few invitations into people’s homes. Explore colonial Havana, full of antiquated charm, in a 1950’s vintage car and take a break at one of Hemmingway’s hangouts. Don’t miss the open air book market where you can find works by Lenin, Che and Castro! Be swept up in the incredible, rhythmic atmosphere of time-warped Trinidad and while there get to know a local family and stay in their casa. Stroll the cobblestone streets and admire the beautiful pastel colored housing. Enjoy a private family music and dance lesson at our exclusive school and later show off your salsa and rumba skills at one of the city’s many open air music and dance clubs. Then have a meal in a paladar – a private home – always accompanied by live music.
And don’t forget, Cuba is a Caribbean island with an abundance of gorgeous white sand beaches with perfectly clear blue and green waters.
Now is the time to visit this incredible country!


Visit the Museum of the Revolution in Havana to see history as seen from another side
Bike in the Vinales Valley through impossibly green tobacco fields and stop at any number of farms for a refereshing drink!
Show off your salsa talents with the rest of the town at Trinidad’s wonderful outdoors Casa de la Musica
Go for a drive in the ubiquitous classic 1950’s cars you’ll see everywhere
Stay in a casa particular and enjoy meeting some real Cubans in their own home
Treat yourself on one of Cuba’s many perfect white sand beaches

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