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Family Travel Ideas & Tips

We’ve reviewed our own travel experiences and knowledge to come up with travel tips and family travel ideas that make traveling with your kids more fun, easy and satisfying. We’ve been all over the world with our kids, and we believe that family trips need to be one-of-a-kind and built around your interests and needs – every family is different and deserves special attention.

We also always keep in the back of our mind when help you plan your family travel adventure that experiencing other cultures with your young kids will always be part of your family stories.

We want those stories to be unforgettable and magical.

Our story

Quivertree Expeditions is an adventure travel agency run by families, for families traveling with kids. We travel the planet with our own children, and have taken them on adventures as toddlers… and now as teenagers!

Our desire to travel really took off when we started our own families. Now we want to share our experiences with other families that want a great, meaningful, adventurous family trip.

Our focus when plan your family vacation… is on creating a kid-friendly adventure and bonding experience for your family that provides excitement and amazing memories for everyone.