Family Adventure Vacations in Myanmar

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Myanmar ( Burma ) is one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

Myanmar has been isolated from the world for decades. Now, finally opening up to international tourists, travel to Myanmar is very possible – this gem of a country is just waiting to be discovered. With no mass tourism and with little exposure to Western influences, the country remains totally unspoilt, and traditional Asian values and a devout form of Buddhism are still practised. In addition, the spectacularly beautiful countryside is home to the friendliest people we have ever come across in our travels.

For families looking for adventure, Myanmar is an incredible destination. Families are greeted with warm welcomes, countless smiles and a hospitality almost unheard of elsewhere that will simply amaze you. Get started and plan your family vacation with us now.

Myanmar tour highlights:

  • The People: Justly famous for their friendliness and warmth, the people are genuinely interested in meeting you, talking to you and getting to know you on your Myanmar tour.
  • Shwedagon Pagoda: Covered with 60 tons of pure gold, the Shwedagon is alive with worshippers from dawn until dusk. Myanmar’s holiest Buddhist shrine is one of the greatest religious sites in the world.
  • Bagan: With over 2000 temples dating back 1000 years, Bagan has to be seen to be believed, and the best way to do so is to explore its dusty roads in a horse drawn cart.
  • Lake Inle: Cruise along the waters of beautiful Inle Lake in a handmade longboat and see villages on stilts, floating gardens, traditional markets and ancient temples.
  • The Coast: Incredible beaches such as Ngapali rival neighboring Thailand but without the crowds.
  • Traditional handicrafts: Visit textile, gold leaf, wood, silk, bronze, marble and jade workshops where the use of modern machinery is still unknown.

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