The Amazon

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A vast jungle that covers a huge portion of South America, the Amazon is one of the most important green lungs of our planet. It is also home to massive bird life, elusive animals, and many different indigenous tribes trying to adapt to the encroachments of “civilization”.

When you venture into the Amazon, you immediately know that you are crossing a frontier, from modern day civilization into an area where the eco system rules everything. For families, this is a magnificent adventure! Experiences range for rustic adventures to high luxury, from land based lodges to cruising.

There are many different way to experience the Amazon and you can experience it by visiting four countries offered by Quivertree. Brazil (60% of the Amazon), Peru (13%), Colombia (10%), and Ecuador.

Amazonian highlights:

Travel by canoe down a tributary of the Amazon and stay deep in the forest with researchers and explorers.

Stay in a high end lodge on the edge of the jungle and experience the rain forest and local culture without roughing it!

Travel by boat down the huge main Amazon river to secluded islands, where you can swim with pink dolphins.

Visit Manaus, the famous city built in the middle of Amazonia.

Spend a few days living in a lodge run by a local indigenous community and learn their way of life.

See macaws and other exotic birds at some of the largest clay licks in the world.

Search for elusive mammals such as capybaras, peccaries, tapirs and other inhabitants of the forest.

Add on a safari in the Pantanal region (Brazil) or Los Llanos (Colombia) – two of the richest wildlife area of South America, and home to jaguars, giant anteaters and other incredible animals.

Add on one of the most spectacular beaches in the world, on the North-Eastern coast of Brazil.