Some of our favourite South African foods!

Food is one of the great joys of travel and South Africa is no exception. While the country is better known for its wildlife, history and beaches, the food is a wonderful surprise. It helps too that South Africa is very affordable so meals tend to be very well priced.
There are so many local specialties one should try and we’ll go through some of those here. South Africa is definitely a meat lovers paradise and one has to be adventurous!
1. Biltong: South African version of beef jerky, but much better and loved and very commonly found. It comes in all sorts of types and flavors – beef, chicken, ostrich, kudu, you name it, you can find that kind of biltong. One of the best purveyors of biltong is the Joubert and Monty’s chain, but most butchers have their own version too.
2. Boerewors: South African sausage usually best appreciated on a ‘braai’ (South African barbeque), again comes in different varieties (beef, pork, chicken), absolutely sublime at its best. Cape Town even has Gourmet Boerie, a hip boerewors bar where you can taste any number of varieties!
3. ‘Slap’ chips: South African “fries” best made by old fashioned fish shops are of the old classic English variety. Big, pliable, wonderful and usually served with a hefty dollop of salt and vinegar. A big Quivertree favorite is Fish Hoek Fisheries near Boulders Beach where the lunchtime queue is a testament to their perfect fish and chips!
4. Bobotie: a spicy minced dish served often with a savoury custard, perfect on a cold winter’s day (although there are not that many of those!).
5. Fruit juices: you will be amazed and enthralled by the sheer volume and quality of South Africa’s fruit juice industry. Local giants Ceres, Liqui Fruit and Appletizer are constantly vying for the next fascinating tasty flavor and you could try a different juice throughout your trip and never come close to tasting them all. Try Secrets of the Valley, Medley of Fruits, Litchi, Pomegranate and Lime and Whispers of Summer to name but a few!
6. South Africa boasts a wide range of sweet goods and desserts that will have you begging for more! These include melktert, a solid rich custard in a flan case; koeksisters which resemble a plaited doughnut staurated in syrup; and our personal favorite, Malva Pudding, a deliciously sweet pudding of Cape Dutch origins. Philip actually makes a great malva and if you want to try, here is an excellent recipe!

Finally here is a fantastic video a young Swiss couple made of their food trip around South Africa. This will make you drool!