What is Quivertree Expeditions?

Adventure travel agency with a focus on families

We are a new kind of adventure travel company – run by families who love to explore, for families who love exploring. We were already seasoned travelers before we had children, so for us it seemed natural to continue traveling after our children were born. Now, nearly 20 years later, we’re still traveling the globe with our children–finding amazing adventures for our toddlers and now our teens. Our focus as a travel company…is not on the number of snacks to bring or changes of clothes, but on creating the perfect adventure travel and bonding experience for your family.

But WHO is Quivertree?

Quivertree is an adventure travel company… founded by two travel-loving brothers, Gideon and Philip Nurick. Their passion for family travel only intensified when they started their own families, and now they want to share the types of experiences they’ve been pursuing with other families that want a great, meaningful, adventurous family trip.

Gideon Nurick – Adventure Traveler, Husband, Dad

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Gideon qualified as an archaeologist in Cape Town, South Africa, and his love for archaeology ignited an insatiable love for adventure travel, exploration and adventure. While at University he packed a tent in his car and travelled around the backroads of South Africa, visiting areas that most South Africans had never seen or heard of. He subsequently explored the entire Southern African region including the Namibian desert, Okavango swamps in Botswana and the great Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Moving into the corporate world, he spent many years living in the Middle East and his adventures, together with his wife Hilit, continued in Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Vietnam and Japan. Each of his children began their own travel career at the age of three months, and he has taken his three kids to twenty three countries including Morocco, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Israel, South Africa, Egypt, Ecuador, Peru, Australia, Myanmar, Turkey, Republic of Georgia, Costa Rica and much of Europe and North America. Gideon and his family are avid hikers, and he believes that one of the best way to see a country is to walk it – a prime focus of our adventure travel company…. Unforgettable hikes that the family has hiked include Kings Canyon in Australia and the Great Gallery at Horseshoe Canyon in Utah.

What are some of your favorite places? My favorite destinations are India, Turkey, Myanmar (Burma) and the African bush. These are destinations that just blow you away with their sights, sounds and smells. They have an incredible mix of ancient and exotic, while an African safari is an unforgettable experience where one is left gasping at every turn. For kids especially, they are dramatic, exciting destinations with amazing, rich cultures, and once in a lifetime experiences like staying in a palace or tracking a lion. And the food is really special too! And I can’t leave out the Galapagos – the most amazing animal experience ever!

Next up for the family travel ideas? Last year it was Sicily and Israel and recently I trekked the Inca Trail in Peru with my two boys. The Emiglia Romana region of Italy (foodie heaven!) and Portugal are up next!

Philip Nurick – Traveler, Husband, Dad

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A South African by birth, Philip has lived on three, and traveled to six continents with his family (we’re still working on Antarctica), and despite lengthy work spells in the finance and non-profit worlds, he has always been a traveler at heart – “I still want to experience living in several more countries.”

Philip, and his wife Liora, decided when their first (of three) children was born that it would not curtail their traveling. On the contrary, “I believe seeing places through my children’s eyes, and witnessing different cultures with them is an incredibly rich and rewarding family experience.”

Running a company focused on adventure travel experiences… is the perfect way for Philip to pursue his passion.

Next up for the family? It’s been non stop travel the last few years! We did a big family trip to Peru and Ecuador followed by short trips to Morocco, England and Belgium. Then we were in Cuba which is fascinating and a popular QFE destination. Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro came later, and then Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. In the last couple of years year we were in France – one of the greatest Quivertree destinations – as well as Germany, South Africa, Macedonia, Norway, Japan, India and Australia! Always planning!

What are some of your favorite places? Places I enjoyed the most are New Zealand, Vietnam, Colombia, the Balkans and France. New Zealand for its spectacular scenery, ease of travel and adventure activities everywhere; Vietnam, especially Hanoi, for the vibe and frenetic, but child friendly street life; Colombia because it’s the most surprising destination you’ll find; and the Balkans because where else can you discover so many different cultures, foods and people within such a small area? And France – well, for the history, atmosphere, medieval villages and the pastries, the only place where I refuse to feel guilty for all the carbs I consume! I love planning trips to these regions because I know what a great time families will have!