Morocco Family Tours

Morocco is home to eight World Heritage sites, most of them the inner core of some of its greatest cities. If these aren’t enough family travel ideas, Morocco also has the desert and the ocean. Incredible hotels offer luxury coupled with amazing adventure tours – imagine staying in a castle high up in the mountains, accessible by foot, horse or donkey. Kids love Morocco, and Moroccans love kids.

Destination Highlights

Active Adventures

Essaouira – an old Portuguese trading post, with great accommodation and twisty, windy whitewashed streets just made for exploring.

The Atlas Mountains – get away from it all on a Morocco adventure tour by spending time in a restored castle high up in the mountains -visit Berber villages and see for yourself what life in the mountains is really like.

The Deserts – visit old casbahs crumbling in the desert, palm filled oases, Saharan sand dunes and great canyons


Moroccan food is simply wonderful. Couscous, tagines and sweet mint tea – nothing beats it!

Cultural Adventures

The Djemaa al Fna – the huge square in Marrakech that turns into a carnival every single night – snake charmers, magicians, outstanding outdoor open air restaurants, an absolute feast for all the senses.

Essaouira – an old Portuguese trading post, with great accommodation and twisty, windy whitewashed streets just made for exploring.

Morocco Sample Itinerary

Day 1
Arrive in Marrakech. Your senses will awake immediately the moment you arrive. As you transfer to your hotel located in an authentic Moroccan townhouse, you’ll notice people dressed in traditional garb, donkey carts pulling goods, and kids playing in the narrow arrays.  It’s a totally different world. 

Day 2
This morning your guide will introduce you to the maze of alleys that make up the old city. You will be enthralled by the sights, smells, and sounds. One of the best ways to learn about a new culture is through its food, and later on, enjoy a hands-on cooking lesson where you will be introduced to traditional dishes such as couscous and the remarkable tagine. Tonight visit the Jemaa El Fna, the huge square where conjurers and snake charmers compete for space with traditional food stalls and henna artists. 

Days 3
Explore the fantastic gardens of Marrakech this morning. This afternoon transfer to the Atlas mountains and learn about the way of life of the local Berber tribespeople. 

Day 4
Together with your mountain guide you’ll explore one of the hiking trails of the mighty Atlas – available for all levels! 

Day 5
Begin your journey to the desert. Once you get over the mountains you are in the land of palm trees and old walled towns called kasbahs. Your accommodation tonight is located in one of these kasbahs. 

Day 6
After a long days drive, you’ll reach the edge of the Sahara desert. Spend the night glamping amongst the dunes. You could try your hand at dune boarding, or ride a camel at sunset.  

Day 7
Journey from the desert to the old Imperial capital of Fes,  a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the only intact remaining medieval city in the world! Spend 2 nights here as you explore this magnificent city with its hundreds of markets and bazaars. 

Day 8
Guided explorations in Fes including a pottery class. 

Day 9
Venture into the mountains to the blue town of Chefchaouen. Founded by Moslem and Jewish refugees from Spain in the 1400’s, it’s like stepping into a time capsule.  

Day 10
Today it’s a short trip to a beautiful and untouched beach resort. After a busy trip, it’s great to have some downtime. 

Day 11
Relaxing at the beach.

Day 12
Your Moroccan odyssey ends today in Tangier. Check-in for your onward flight at  Tangier Airport or extend your trip to Spain, located a mere 15km away across the straits of Gibraltar and a quick ferry ride!

Morocco Trip Tips & FAQ's

What Time of Year is Best to travel to Morocco?

Morocco is best from around mid-October – mid-April ie winter and the shoulder seasons. From late April until end September it is extremely hot, like the rest of the Middle East and North Africa.

It is possible to tour Morocco during the summer months, but we do not visit the Sahara desert at this time of year. The coast, imperial cities, and the Atlas mountains can easily be visited in the summer. 

Is Traveling to Morocco a Good Place for a Family Vacation?

Yes – it’s both incredibly exotic, and incredibly friendly –  the local people love families. Deserts, mountains, beaches, forts and palaces are just some of the attractions that will appeal to kids of all ages! Imagine seeing a snake charmer with his flute, and a cobra rising out the basket – it’s here, in Morocco!

Morocco Family Tours: What is There to Do?

Explore the winding streets and markets of ancient towns, hike in the mountains and go glamping in the Sahara, ride camels at sunset on the dunes, and relax at the beach. Enjoy hands-on pottery and cooking lessons, and visit an oasis with thousands of palm trees. 

What is food like in Morocco?

Moroccan food is outstanding – famous dishes include couscous and tagine, and all dietary requirements are easily dealt with. In addition, one can still see the French colonial influence in the popularity of baguettes with cheese!

Morocco Family Vacations: Where to Stay

Accommodation ranges from boutique hotels to 5* international chains. One can stay in traditional Moroccan townhouses that are exotic and mysterious, or one can stay at big Western-style hotels with pools and tennis courts.  

Are Morocco Family Tours Expensive?

Morocco suits all budgets, from midrange to deluxe. One gets good value for money in Morocco. 



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