Family Adventure Travel in Columbia

This is a country packed with history, culture, nature and adventure.

Active Adventures

When it comes to adventure, Colombia offers it all – hiking, mountain biking, white water rafting, canyoning and abseiling, as well as incredible diving.


Cartagena is a spectacular fortified colonial city on the Caribbean, while Medellin is a city that has risen from the ashes to become a symbol of incredible rebirth. The countryside is full of quaint villages dating back almost 500 years – with whitewashed earthen walls and terra-cotta covered sloping red roofs. In the south of the country, the mysterious giant statues of San Agustin reflect cultures long since disappeared. The salt mines testify to a commodity that was once more valuable than gold, and the legend of El Dorado comes to life at the incredible Gold Museum of Bogota.

Nature & the Great Outdoors

But more than its history and culture, Colombia is a country of spectacular nature and adventure, ideal for families of all ages. The snow capped Andes Mountains kiss the Caribbean Sea at Santa Marta, and the jungle clad hills reach all the way to the pristine untouched Pacific coastline, which heaves with whales during the birthing season. You will find deserts with dunes, the deep rainforests of the Amazon, African-like safaris with anacondas, capybaras and pink dolphins, and the spectacular Caribbean, with see-through turquoise waters and wonderful marine life.


  • Hike the ancient Royal Trail, stopping in at forgotten colonial villages.
  • Raft the enormous Chicamocha Canyon, and abseil down waterfalls
  • Take a “Narcos” themed tour of Medellin, and learn how this vibrant city has been reborn as one of the most dynamic cities in the world.
  • Explore the ancient salt mine at Nemocon, and see where the movie “33” was filmed.
  • Go whale watching in paradise at the untouched and pristine Pacific coast, where jungle meets the ocean.
  • Take a South American safari – see capybaras, anacondas, pink Amazon dolphins and many more amazing creatures.
  • Learn Salsa in its birthplace of Cali, at traditional Salsa School.