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Active Adventures

Active travel is all about discovering a new part of the world outside of the van or car. Hike the Inca Trail, walk on Patagonian glaciers, kayak off Cape Town, snorkel with whale sharks in Mexico, horseback ride in Ecuador, raft the waters of Costa Rica, cycle the old colonial roads of Colombia and so much more.

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Biking Trips

Experience the world from the saddle. Whether it’s biking the forgotten lanes of Southern Italy, past the chateaux of the Loire Valley of France, braving the unforgettable downhill road from La Paz to Coroico or the gentle byways of Ireland, biking is an extraordinary way to see a country

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family on bikes in morocco

Culinary Travel

Food is adventure! Take a street food tour in Sicily or Delhi, or a cooking lesson in Bali. Learn to flambé in the kitchen of a Michelin starred chef in France, or make the perfect Pisco Sour in Peru! Culinary adventures immerse you in new and exotic cultures in ways you will never forget. Eat and be happy.

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Cultural Adventures

From Machu Picchu to Angkor Wat, and from Chichen Itza to the Great Wall of China, the world is packed with incredible cultural adventures. Stay a night in a monastery in South East Asia, or enjoy a home cooked meal with an Italian Nonna! Take a Japanese bath or learn to lasso from an Argentine gaucho – Culture is an amazing way to experience the world.

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acrobats performing in china


You never forget your honeymoon, and at Quivertree we ensure that it is unforgettable! Think out the box and experience the incredible palaces of India, or take a 6 Star African safari. Trek Patagonia or Machu Picchu in style, and your honeymoon will be epic. Or luxuriate in an island dream world in Bora Bora, Seychelles, Maldives, Zanzibar, Sardinia or Bali!

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vumba mountains romantic


Grandparents, parents and kids or just grandparents and kids – travel is the perfect bridge to the generation gap. Immerse the whole family in a once-in-a lifetime African safari, or swim in cenotes and explore the jungle clad pyramids of the Yucatan. Hike the jungle trails of Costa Rica or wash elephants in Thailand. Multigen is where its at!

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Nature & the Great Outdoors

Hike a volcano in Guatemala, or gasp at the Northern Lights in Scandinavia. Take a hot air balloon ride over the wildebeest packed plains of the Serengeti, or immerse yourself in the Amazon. Be amazed by the million cherry blossoms in Japan, or the thirty shades of green of Vietnam. Take the kids away from their screens and show them the amazing wonders of nature!

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Safaris & Wildlife

Nothing can match the experience of coming face to face with an African elephant while on safari, or seeing a graceful cheetah leap after its prey. Swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos is one of the all time great wildlife experiences, and watching rare orangutans swing through the trees of Borneo is unforgettable. We specialize in wildlife trips across the world, and whether it’s staying in unparalleled luxury or rustic tents, we have the perfect wildlife
trip for your family.

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elephants in africa

Sporting Adventures

Travel is our passion. And sports are our passion, too. So why not combine the two? Imagine watching Barcelona in the Nou Camp, Real Madrid in the Bernabeau or Manchester United, Liverpool or Chelsea in the Premier League?

Quivertree clients have been to soccer all over the world – not only in Barcelona and Madrid, but even in Cusco, Peru! Quivertree families have golfed in Ireland, watched cricket in South Africa and much, much more.

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Travelling Without Kids

Find your inner harmony at a luxury Ayurveda and Yoga retreat in India, or explore the Okavango Delta from a private island lodge in Botswana. Perhaps take time to fish in Ireland or Patagonia, or learn culinary secrets from a private chef in Italy or France? When the kids are all grown up, and life slows down a bit, sit back, relax, and take a private, luxury trip for two!

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Voluntourism (giving back)

Help kids with disabilities in Malawi or help rebuild Lombok after the devastating earthquake in Indonesia. Harvest rainwater or teach arts and crafts to street kids in India. Clear invasive plants in the Galapagos or help build a school in the Amazon – the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s just for a few day as part of a wider program or for a longer period of time, we have volunteer trips for families in destinations all over the world.

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Water/Beach Adventures

Take the classic beach vacation and spice it up by adding snorkeling in Sri Lanka or Madagascar, surfing in South Africa or Peru, rafting in Costa Rica or Bali, or jet boating to the most beautiful beach in the world in Queensland, Australia. Nothing can match a Quivertree beach vacation!

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kayaking in New Zealand

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