Family Adventure Travel in India & Sri Lanka

When one thinks of adventure travel to India, the images that immediately come to mind are exotic in the extreme – The Taj Mahal, Tigers and Mowgli of The Jungle Book. Saris, spices and Bollywood. India is extremely diverse, from its people, religions and cultures to its deserts, beaches and mountains. What is less well known is that India has an outstanding tourist infrastructure with magnificent hotels and incredible service, and with English as a national unifying language, it is fast becoming one of the finest travel destinations in the world. India is an outstanding family tour destination – Indians love families, and families receive a level of comfort and attention almost unknown anywhere else.

Adventures in India

With adventure tours in India, where to visit depends entirely on what time of year you choose to visit. The Tropical South and Classical North are best visited between September and May, while Ladakh and the Himalayas are only accessible in June, July and August when the weather is ideal. Between June and September India experiences a very hot summer as well as the monsoon, which brings much needed rain to the country – touring the country is certainly possible, but apart from Ladakh and the mountains, you may get wet!

Adventures in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, off the coast of Southern India, is a spectacular destination in its own right. It is an easy transition into South Asia, and so is very suitable for families, especially those with young children. It is uncrowded and English-speaking, with easily manageable cities and sights. With some of the best beaches in the world, spectacular tea plantations, great wildlife with leopards and elephants, and ancient cities including the Royal City of Kandy, Sri Lanka offers a huge variety of adventures in a small country.


Some of the best beaches in Asia are in Sri Lanka. Stay on a Sri Lankan tea plantation in an historic British-era plantation home.

Take an African-style safari in search of leopards and elephants in Sri Lanka.


Home to one of the world’s great cuisines, India is also home to Darjeeling tea and Alfonso mangoes – unquestionably the finest mangoes in the world.


  • Palace Hotels – sleep in the bedroom of a Maharajah- many of India’s noble families have converted their family palaces into the most magnificent hotels.
  • Incredible UNESCO World Heritage sites – include ancient monuments such as the Taj Mahal as well as incredible wildlife parks. Did you know that India is home to tigers, bears, elephants, lions and rhinos?
  • Food – Home to one of the world’s great cuisines, India is also home to Darjeeling tea and Alfonso mangoes – unquestionably the finest mangoes in the world.
  • Houseboats – icons of Kerala and Kashmir offer tourists unique accommodation.
  • Hampi – capital of the richest empire in the world, now forgotten in ruins amidst rock strewn hills and tropical banana plantations.
  • Hindu Temples- offer fascinating glimpses into a faith that is vastly different from the religions of the West.

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