Planning your family vacation with Quivertree


  1. Fill out the ‘Family Travel Questionnaire
    This helps us learn about you and your family, and gives us a really good starting point in planning family-friendly vacations.Once we have that, we’ll send you an outline of the trip we have in mind for your family. If you like what we come up with and want to proceed…
  2. Do the paperwork
    Unfortunately, we can’t avoid it, but we’ve tried to make it as painless as possible in order to plan your family vacation. There are two pieces that we need:

  3. Provide a Deposit
    We’ll let you know how much, based on your trip. Just enough to get started.
  4. Final Itinerary
    Within two weeks, we will present you with your unique family vacation itinerary. After that, we will be in touch with you up until departure to ensure you’re best prepared and ready to experience your custom family vacation plan!
  5. Comprehensive Travel Insurance from Quivertree link

About Quivertree’s family friendly vacations

Quivertree Expeditions is an adventure travel company run by families, for families. We travel the planet with our own children, and have taken them on adventures as toddlers… and now as teenagers! Our focus when planning your family vacation… is on creating a kid-friendly adventure and bonding experience for your family that provides excitement and amazing memories for everyone.