Family Adventure Travel in Patagonia

Patagonia is a paradise for adventurous, nature loving families. It is breathtaking – a vast landmass where human occupation seems almost an afterthought, yet at the same time it offers travellers luxurious accommodation and enough adventure to last a lifetime.

Destination Highlights


Chilean Patagonia is long and thin, with the spectacular Torres del Paine Mountains at the bottom, the lake district in the middle and the arid desert at the top. Next door Argentina is home to great glaciers, trendy ski resorts and fantastic whale watching.


Visit mesmerizing Easter Island, one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world.

Explore the vineyards of both Chile and Argentina.

Learn to tango in fabulous Buenos Aires.


Enjoy a traditional barbecue – whether a whole roast lamb in Chile or legendary Argentinean beef.


  • Stay on a hacienda (ranch), and learn to flyfish in some of the richest rivers on earth.
  • Trek the Andes, especially the famous Torres Del Paine at the foot of the world.
  • Hike along the great blue glaciers of the Far South.
  • Kayak the Straits of Magellan, and see penguins and dolphins.
  • Go whale watching at the Valdez Peninsula, home to some of the greatest numbers of whales anywhere.
  • Go horseback riding through the never ending vastness of the countryside.

Patagonia Sample Itinerary

Day 1
Arrive in Punta Arenas, in the deep south of Chile.  On arrival, you will be met and transferred to the world-famous Torres del Paine National Park. You will be amazed by the wild scenery that unfolds as you travel into the park. 

Day 2

Horseback riding in the National Park. One of the best ways to experience the sheer magnificence of the region is on the back of a horse. If you are not comfortable on a horse, there are plenty of hikes available for all hiking levels.

Day 3
Cycling is another way to experience the park and today you’ll bike to some of the most extraordinary lake and mountain vistas.  Tonight enjoy a traditional gaucho barbecue.

Day 4
Kayaking to a glacier. Kayaking is a wonderful way to appreciate the glaciers. You’ll be able to choose between a full day or shorter kayak excursions.

Day 5

For serious hikers, today you will hike to the iconic Base of the Towers. This full-day hike is not easy, but for anyone who loves to hike, it is one of the best day hikes you will ever do, as you make your way up to the glacial lake at the bottom of the famous Torres del Paine.

Easier hikes are available today as well. 

Day 6
Departing the National Park, today you will transfer across the border into Argentina.

Day 7
Today you’ll visit the Perito Moreno glacier, one of the largest and most photogenic glaciers in the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and unmissable.

Days 8 & 9
Two additional days to explore the beautiful region of Argentine Patagonia.

Day 10
Depart Patagonia today for Buenos Aires. The city is Europe in South America, with French-inspired buildings and boulevards. Spend 2 nights here.

Tonight enjoy a traditional Tango show. It really is fun for all. 

Day 11
A full day exploring some of the highlights of BA. Tonight, enjoy a steak dinner at one of the finest steak restaurants in Argentina. It’s truly unforgettable! For non-meat eaters, we will make alternate plans, as BA has many incredible restaurants catering to all tastes and preferences.

Day 12
Depart for the airport and check-in for your flight back home.

Patagonia Trip Tips & FAQ's

What Time of Year is Best for Patagonia Travel?

Patagonia is best visited from late September to April. Most accommodation is closed outside these months and the harsh southern winter means that most activities are impossible to do.

Is Traveling to Patagonia a Good Idea for a Family Vacation?

Yes! Patagonia has some of the most awesome nature in the world, and for active families especially, it is a wonderful adventure with incredible hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding.

Patagonia Travel: What is There to Do?

Walk on glaciers, hike to unforgettable viewpoints, take a boat ride on a lake with icebergs, meet real cowboys, and search for wildlife such as pumas!

What is the food like in Patagonia?

Patagonia is a big meat-eating region. Lamb is especially popular but so is beef. Fish is popular too. For those who don’t eat meat, alternatives are always available.

Patagonia Travel: Where to Stay

Accommodation ranges from small guesthouses to luxury lodges. Accommodations are very comfortable and are very family-friendly.

Are Patagonia Travel Tours Expensive?

The Chilean side is very expensive. There are very few places to stay and these are mainly all-inclusive high-end lodges. Prices are lower in Argentinean Patagonia as there are more towns offering a wider range of places to stay.

Name something that is very weird in Patagonia?

The gaucho bbq. Typically three or four lambs are stood up in a triangle over the fire and cooked for hours.