Egypt Travel Packages

Egypt offers something for everyone. Amazing history, bustling bazaars, Nile cruises and Red Sea snorkeling and diving.

Destination Highlights

Active Adventures

Exploring the Pyramids – enter the Great Pyramid of Cheops and ponder at the Sphinx.

Cruise the Nile on a small sailing boat in absolute luxury, stopping at amazing temples, exploring little villages and taking a swim now and then in the cool river itself.

Go snorkeling or diving in the Red Sea, home to some of the most unspoilt coral reefs in the world.


Egypt is history. Learn about the time of the Pharaohs as well as Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, all of whom made Egypt their home for centuries.

Explore the Valley of the Kings and Queens, and marvel at the amazing paintings and structures, looking almost new even after thousands of years.

Visit the $1 billion NEW Grand Egyptian Museum! Home to all the greatest finds from ancient Egypt.


Spend some quality time at amazing Red Sea beaches, and enjoy bustling bazaars, traditional food and belly dancing!


  • The Pyramids of course!
  • Sailing down the Nile in a Dahabiya sailboat
  • Ancient Temples of Karnak, Luxor and Abu Simbel
  • Valley of the Kings and Queens and Tombs of the Pharaohs
  • Diving and snorkeling the coral reefs of the Red Sea
  • The Grand Egyptian Museum (opening in 2020)

Egypt Sample Itinerary

Day 1
Arrive in Cairo. Cairo is huge and bustling and a total assault on the senses. You’ll be met at the airport and whisked away to your luxury hotel on the banks of the River Nile. 

Day 2

The Pyramids are why everyone comes to Cairo, and this morning you’ll explore these incredible ancient remains with your guide. It is almost impossible to convey the emotions of seeing these artifacts of the most ancient times, as the pyramids date back over 5000 years! You will even be able to explore inside some of the tunnels created by tomb robbers in antiquity. In addition to the pyramids, you will visit the Sphinx, the stepped pyramid, the Solar Boat Museum, and Saqqara with its important ruins as well.

Day 3
Today explore the New Egyptian Museum, which is an amazing building in itself, as well as the repository of the incredible remains of ancient Egypt. Later, explore the bustling markets of Cairo with your guide.

Day 4
This morning you will fly to Luxor, where you will board your boat for your cruise down the Nile. This is no huge cruise boat – rather, it is a small, intimate boat with only a few cabins – your very own Nile expedition. (Note – recommended for older children only. For families traveling with younger  kids, we will build a hotel-based trip). 

Luxor was once ancient Thebes, capital of Ancient Egypt. There are tons of ancient sites in and around the city as well as within the environs. In addition to visiting the world famous Valley of the Kings and Queens including the Tomb of Tutankhamen, and seeing the amazing temples of Luxor and Karnak, you will also see sites far less visited, as your boat will be able to berth in areas that are far too small for the large cruise boats.

Day 5-9
Cruising the Nile. Not only will you stop at ancient sites, but you will be able to swim in the Nile, and explore small riverside villages together with your guide, learning how much (or how little) life has changed since ancient times. It is an astonishing, once in a lifetime experience. 

Day 10
Arrive in Aswan, a beautifully located town on the Nile. Transfer to your hotel.

Day 11
Exploring Aswan – there is so much to see here -the Broken Obelisk, the Nilometer, ancient temples on little islands, small villages. It’s a wonderful place.

Day 11
Very early morning depart to the Temple of Abu Simbel. You will drive three hours through the desert to see this amazing construction, which was taken apart and rebuilt in the 1960s due to dam construction on the Nile. One of the most incredible projects ever. The temple is simply astounding.

Day 13
Check in for your flight back home.

Extend your trip?

Egypt has fabulous beach resorts on the Red Sea with some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. Extend your stay for up to a week to enjoy quality down time at the beach.

Egypt Trip Tips & FAQ's

What time of year is best to travel to Egypt?

Egypt is best from around Mid October – mid April ie winter, and the shoulder seasons. From late April until end September it is extremely hot, like the rest of the Middle East and North Africa, 

It is possible to tour Egypt during the summer months, but the day begins very early, so that touring can be finished by around lunchtime, allowing for a relaxed afternoon at the pool. 

Is Egypt a good place for a family vacation?

Very much so. Who has not been enthralled by everything one has ever seen and heard about Ancient Egypt, and in Egypt, it really all comes real, in a way that no book or movie could ever hope to do. In addition to the remains from ancient times, Egypt is blessed with fantastic coastal resorts and incredible tropical reefs.

Egypt Travel Packages: What is There to Do?

Explore inside a pyramid, learn about the ancient pharaohs and gods of Egypt and see their amazing temples, all in such good condition that it is hard to believe they are so ancient. Take a boat ride down the Nile and see how people live today, relying on the river as they have done since time immemorial. End the trip at a great beach resort snorkeling and diving on the Red Sea reefs.

What is the food like in Egypt?

In addition to well known Middle Eastern foods like falafel and tahini, one can also find interesting salads and other meze type foods. In addition, most restaurants cater to international guests with international menus.

Egypt Travel Packages: Where to Stay

Accommodation ranges from boutique hotels to 5* international chains. We only recommend 5* and 4* accommodation in Egypt, as the ratings are not the same as they are in North America.

Are Egypt Travel Packages Expensive?

Generally speaking no. Egypt tends to be cheaper than many destinations in Europe or North America.