Family Adventure Vacations in Europe

Quivertree focuses on the best of Europe, a continent packed with adventure opportunities for families – you just need to know where to find it.

Spain and Portugal are Southern Europe at its best. Packed with history and culture, you’ll eat your meals at strange hours, watch the greatest soccer teams play, take part in spectacular festivals and enjoy some of Europe’s greatest cities and beaches.

Italy is unforgettable. Pasta and pizza, ancient towns and ruins, olive oil, wine and gelato. Bike through the South, laze on great beaches, learn the secrets of Italian cooking and learn to fight like a gladiator. Italy has it all.

In France visit Paris – a magical city for kids of all ages, and journey inland to a world of majestic castles, ancient villages and some of the best food you will ever eat.

Iceland is made for family adventure. Geysers, the Blue Lagoon, hiking in rivers and on glaciers, traveling by jeep and on horseback – every day is more exciting than the last.

Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro & Bosnia Herzogovina – these are exotic destinations that make for a once in a lifetime adventure. Old walled cities, mountain lakes, castles, forts, white water rafting, hiking and yachting – all great for families.

Croatia and the Balkans