Family Adventures in Alaska!

Alaska is a huge untamed wilderness. It is also a vast playground for adventurous travelers. Alaska is so huge it is easy to disconnect from society within just a few minutes of leaving the city. If there is an outdoor adventure, Alaska has it in spades! With accommodation varying from pristine camping to incredible 5 star lodges, and with an adventure waiting for you every day, Alaska is not to be missed!!

Some Highlights Include:

Trekking on a glacier

Kayaking around icebergs

Horseback riding into the untamed wilderness

Panning for gold

Go fishing

Watching huge grizzly or Kodiak bears catch salmon from streams

Witnessing the Northern Lights

Go dog mushing

Hiking where nobody has ever hiked before

Go pack rafting

See a glacier give birth

Take a flightseeing trip over vast mountain ranges and Denali National Park!