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Why Guatemala?

Guatemala is truly blessed with riotous color. From the stunning natural beauty of its volcanoes, lakes, mountains and jungle to the mesmeric, captivating indigenous population, it offers the quintessential Central American experience. For Guatemala has it all, from great immense ruins to astonishing landscapes to an outstanding exceptional cultural legacy.

Guatemala is a country of breathtaking landscapes and remarkable natural beauty. Within a relatively small area, it offers rugged mountain trails, exotic jungles, active volcanoes, white and black sand beaches, raging rivers and glorious, placid lakes. Then there’s Antigua, colonial center of the New World, one of the Americas’ most enchanting cities, and today a haven of tranquility and a center for Spanish language schools. Add to that, the treasure trove of Mayan archeological sites, incredible market life, and a rich cultural, indigenous heritage, and you have a destination with incredible natural, historical and cultural appeal.

This is a destination full of contrasts, color and adventure, a place to cross cultural frontiers and to witness an ancient indigenous culture thriving in a visible, accessible way in the heart of the Mayan world. This diverse, beautiful country is a hidden treasure waiting for you.


  • Study Spanish, stay with a local family, or just wander the streets of Antigua
  • Hike incredible Volcan Pacaya and get up close with lava flows
  • Explore Mayan culture in the villages surrounding beautiful Lake Atitlan
  • Go bargain hunting at Solala or Chichicastenango markets
  • Experience sunrise at Tikal deep in the jungle
  • Take a break on the Honduran Bay Islands and swim, snorkel and dive in the clear turquoise waters off perfect Caribbean beaches

Read about Philip’s family’s incredible hike up Volcan Pacaya.

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