Family Adventure Vacations in Morocco


Just the name conjures up visions of the Arabian Nights, of oases in the desert with millions of palm trees, of forts and castles and exotic souks filled with treasures.

Morocco is home to eight World Heritage sites, most of them the inner core of some of its greatest cities. If these aren’t enough family travel ideas, Morocco also has the desert and the ocean. Incredible hotels offer luxury coupled with amazing adventure tours – imagine staying in a castle high up in the mountains, accessible by foot, horse or donkey. Kids love Morocco, and Moroccans love kids.

Morocco adventure tour highlights:

  • The Djemaa al Fna – the huge square in Marrakech that turns into a carnival every single night – snake charmers, magicians, outstanding outdoor open air restaurants, an absolute feast for all the senses.
  • The Food – Moroccan food is simply wonderful. Couscous, tagines and sweet mint tea – nothing beats it.
  • Essaouira – an old Portuguese trading post, with great accommodation and twisty, windy whitewashed streets just made for exploring.
  • Old Fez – a real medieval city – the streets are so narrow only donkeys can be used for transport, incredible Palace hotels, souks, tanneries and restaurant floors strewn with rose petals – this is Fez
  • The Atlas Mountains – get away from it all on a Morocco adventure tour by spending time in a restored castle high up in the mountains -visit Berber villages and see for yourself what life in the mountains is really like.
  • The Deserts – visit old casbahs crumbling in the desert, palm filled oases, Saharan sand dunes and great canyons

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