Family Adventure Vacations in China

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There are very few destinations quite like China. This is a vast land that will excite your senses everywhere you go. China is a country of modern skyscrapers, high speed trains, Ferrari showrooms, yet also a land so rural that water buffaloes still plough the fields in many areas.

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China family tours are filled with incredible sights: The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors, Shanghai’s Bund and Hong Kong’s skyline, yet its natural beauty is astounding. From the fairy- tale karst pinnacles of the Li River to the Yangtze’s Tiger Leaping Gorge and many spectacular rice terraces, you’ll be astounded by rural China.

China’s scale is incomprehensible. While you could spend a couple of weeks in the major cities, a China family adventure could include the epic grasslands of Inner Mongolia, Himalayan peaks, vistas of the old Silk Road or Yunnan Province, a feast of natural, scenic and cultural diversity.

And everywhere you go, you’ll be surrounded by colours and flavours; colours of the many distinct ethnic minorities and the flavours of the various foods that make China into a spectacular culinary adventure. This is a culture so rich and exotic it can’t help but fire your imagination.

China with Quivertree is an extraordinary family journey!

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  • Visit the astounding giant pandas near Chengdu
  • Bike along the Li River, visit ancient towns along the way and learn to cook local specialties
  • Join local residents at the Kashgar Sunday market on the Silk Road- one of the great trading spots anywhere
  • Although not Forbidden nor a City, Beijing’s Forbidden City is an absolute treasure to explore
  • Experience the explosion of culture in Hong Kong where East and West collide
  • See an awe inspiring evening acrobatic show in Beijing or Shanghai