Indonesia is a vast archipelago that spreads itself over 17,000 tropical islands in South East Asia. It is a country of multiple religions, ancient cultures, volcanoes, rice paddies, temples, Orangutangs, Komodo dragons and some of the best underwater life in the world. Every island has its own character, and local culture and religions can differ from island to island. Indonesia truly is Asia at its most diverse and exotic – unique wildlife, incredible natural beauty, fascinating cultures and more.


This world famous tropical island of sun and sea offers wonderful luxury resorts and plenty of local culture.

culture of indonesia


The historical heartland of Indonesia is a land of mosques and ancient temples, emerald green rice paddies, and spectacular volcanoes. From vibrant cities to isolated villages to incredible nature, Java is the “real” Indonesia.

rice paddies in indonesia


Home to the endangered orangutang, Borneo offers a true jungle adventure. Journey in a traditional klotok boat to an orang utang sanctuary and see these magnificent animals up really close!

orangutang in indonesia

Komodo National Park

In addition to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Komodo Island, home of the dinosaur-like Komodo Dragons, the crystal clear waters offer some of the best snorkelling and diving in the world. Cruise on a traditional Phinisi schooner through an incredible natural wonderland for days on end.

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Tana Torajaland

A very unusual culture that takes funerals to another dimension. These are huge festivals, unlike anything you will have seen before.

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Volcanic lakes, orang utangs, elephants, white water rafting – real adventure is the name of the game!

volcanoes in indonesia


The food: Indonesia has incredibly kid-friendly food. The national staple dishes are fried rice and fried noodes, while local sweets are delicious!

Handicrafts: every island has it’s own special crafts, and Indonesia is world famous for Batik cloth.

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