Family Adventure Vacations in Australasia

New Zealand and Australia are the main countries that make up this fascinating part of the world.

New Zealand, the “Land of the Long White Cloud” is one of the most adventurous destinations for families on earth. Famous for its hospitality and scenic beauty, New Zealand is an adventure travel destination that beats others hands down.

You can hike, bike, jet boat, zorb, kayak, dive and more. In the air, under the sea and on the ground, it is simply impossible to be bored in New Zealand. It is a family destination that is unparalleled.

Australia is a country of superlatives. Magnificent cities, beaches, deserts and rainforests, coupled with its unique animal life, makes for a great family adventure destination. From cycling in Sydney to diving on the the Barrier Reef, exploring Kangaroo Island and hiking at Uluru, this continent is a highlight for all.

New Zealand