Mexico Family Vacations

Mexico is a country packed with adventures for families. At Quivertree our focus is on the Yucatan Peninsula and Baja California. Arrival in Cancun is easy from almost anywhere, but we don’t stay there – rather we whisk you away to traditional and authentic locations, where you can learn about the local culture, eat the local food and stay in authentic local towns.

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Destination Highlights

Active Adventures

Our focus is on the natural world – go “glamping” on an island in a National Park, and discover the immense sea life that inhabits the coastal regions, as well as the extraordinary whale watching during the season.

Swim in cenotes – natural swimming holes that dot the region, where you can snorkel with freshwater fish, and even dive if you are certified to do so.

Mexican Culture

Discover long lost Mayan ruins still covered in jungle.

Get to know the real Mexico, by lodging in some of its most authentic towns and cities, rather than staying at an all-inclusive on the beach.

Beaches in Mexico

Mexico features an extensive coastline and is home to some of the most amazing beaches in the world.

Relax on the beach and read a book while the kids play or go on a snorkeling adventures in search of sea turtles.


Learning to make traditional food in a hands-on cooking lesson with a local family.


Exploring the underwater wonderland – a world of whales, dolphins, whale sharks, turtles, manta rays and bountiful tropical fish!


  • Climb huge Mayan pyramids that tower above the jungle.
  • Swim with whale sharks, the biggest fish in the world.
  • Snorkel in a cenote, the unique natural waterholes of the Yucatan.
  • Visit spectacular colonial cities such as Oaxaca, where past and present mix.
  • Explore traditional markets and plazas.
  • Learn the secrets of traditional Mexican cooking.
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Mexico Sample Itinerary

Day 1
Arrive in Mexico City and transfer to your hotel in the heart of the city.  

Mexico City is the beating heart of Mexico. Once the capital of the Aztec Empire, Mexico City offers an amazing mix of history, colonial and super modern architecture, fantastic food, art, and a buzzing vibe that puts you in an exploration mood from the moment you arrive.

Day 2

Full day trip to explore ancient Mexico. Leaving the city, your first stop will be the Basilica of Guadalupe, the most visited Catholic site in the world. Whatever your religion, a visit here will take your breath away as you will witness pilgrims from all over the world coming to pray at this sacred site.

From here, continue to the awe-inspiring ancient site of Teotihuacan. Dating to long before the Aztecs, this mammoth ancient city is one of the great sites of the ancient world. Climb an ancient pyramid and gaze in wonder at the immense size of this city. Return to Mexico City for overnight. 

For adults, we will suggest you visit one or two of our favorite speakeasy underground bars. For families, we will recommend our favorite family-friendly restaurants where you can rub shoulders with the locals.

Day 3
Morning Foodie Tour. 

You will meet your foodie guide this morning who will take you to the markets of the Old City. Weaving in and out of multiple local traditional market places,  you will learn how tacos are made, get the full rundown on the many different species of chile peppers, eat all kinds of traditional foods, and sit down for lunch with the locals. It’s an experience you’ll never have on your own!

This afternoon, enjoy a guided tour of the Anthropology Museum. Home to incredible Aztec artifacts, the lives of the ancients will be brought back to life by your guide. 

This evening, enjoy a Taco After Dark tour. Many of the city’s best taco stands operate at night, and together with your guide you’ll visit the best of them and do plenty of tasting!

Day 4
Mexico has a fabulous art tradition, and this morning we will visit the Palace of Fine Arts to view the work of some of the great muralists, whose murals tell about the history of the country. Your next visit will be to one of the incredible ultramodern art museums, to see why Mexico is at the forefront of the art world today.  

For a special lunch, we will travel to the outskirts of the city, to a former hacienda, where locals dine to celebrate a special occasion. Afterwards, we will visit a local craft market, as well as the house of Frida Kahlo, the great painter.

Day 5
Today you will fly to Merida, a beautiful colonial city in the far east of the country. Enjoy a walking tour of the city center, and enjoy a traditional Yucatecan meal.

Day 6
Leaving Merida, travel by road to Valladolid, a small town in the heart of the Yucatan. 

Enjoy time in this non touristy local town with traditional food, local markets and friendly people.

Day 7
Visit the world-famous ancient site of Chichen Itza. Later, enjoy a swim or snorkel in a cenote, the amazing natural waterholes of the region.

Day 8
A free day to relax and explore on your own. Nearby cenotes offer a great swim anytime!

Day 9
We leave Valladolid today for Tulum, the fabulous seaside resort.  Spend 3 nights here.

Day 10-11
Enjoy two free days to relax at the amazing beaches of Tulum.

Day 12
Travel to Cancun airport and check-in for your flight back home.

Mexico Trip Tips & FAQ's

What Time of Year is Best for Family Vacations in Mexico?

Mexico is good all year round. Winter is the main tourist season, while summer tends to be hot, humid and variably rainy on the coast. Summer is cheaper as a result. Inland, it can be an excellent time to visit all year long.

Is Traveling to Mexico a Good Idea for a Family Vacation?

Yes, definitely. Great beaches, tons of activities, a fascinating culture, great food and friendly people make for an amazing family destination.

Mexico Family Vacations: What is There to Do?

So much. Snorkel on reefs and in cenotes, swim with whale sharks and whales, hang out on the beach, explore amazing Aztec and Mayan ruins, eat incredible food and relax or be as busy as you like. 

What is food like in Mexico?

Most of us think we know Mexican food, and of course in Mexico, you can find all kinds of tacos and other common food such as enchiladas and more. But Mexico also has its own unique regional cuisines which are seen far less often in the USA and Canada, such as the various wonderful “mole” sauce dishes from Oaxaca.

Mexico Family Vacations: Where to Stay

Accommodation ranges from boutique hotels to top-end deluxe chain hotels and everything in between. Overall, the standards are excellent.

Are Mexico Family Vacations Expensive?

Generally, Mexico offers very good value. We can be very creative in designing itineraries and we are able to match budgets from 3* to ultra-deluxe.

Name one thing that is very weird in Mexico?

The Day of the Dead is a major festival where people will spend the day in cemeteries honoring the memories of family members who have passed away.



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