Family Adventure Travel in Ireland and England

Ireland has long been an outstanding destination renowned for its great castles, emerald green scenery, wonderfully friendly people, beautiful coastline, lively music, quaint villages and ancient ruins.
Now, Ireland is reinventing itself as Europe’s top adventure destinations for families as well. Ideal for multigenerational travel, the country offers incredible activities for all ages
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Active Adventures

Hike and cycle the Ring of Kerry and the tallest cliffs in Europe.

Surf the waves of the West Coast, some of the best waves to learn on anywhere.

Sea adventures – including the incredibly fun invented- in-Ireland sport of Coasteering.

Sailing traditional boats along the rugged coast, or kayak or stand up paddleboard the many waterways of the country.


Beautiful Ireland, the Emerald isle as soon through the eyes of a Quivertree family.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


In England, enjoy a trip to the Harry Potter film studios, a walking tour totally customized to your interests, or for sports fans, trips to Wembley Stadium, Lords, Twickenham or Wimbledon!


One of the most glorious regions in all of Europe is the Cotswolds. Walk country paths from village to village (we’ll take your luggage) or go biking through bucolic farm fields. Enjoy high tea in beautiful towns or take in the sights of Downton Abbey where the filming took place! Most of all just lose yourself in some of the prettiest landscapes anywhere!


In addition, enjoy traditional Irish and English treats such as: scones loaded with jam and cream, traditional fish and chips wrapped in yesterday’s newspaper, bangers and mash, Cadbury’s Fingers, every kind of pie you can imagine and much, much more!


  • Stay in a real castle or traditional B&B
  • Listen to fiddlers and pipers at local pubs (Kids welcome)
  • Go see Chelsea, Arsenal or Manchester United play in the English Premier League
  • Enjoy a traditional seaweed bath
  • Spend a night in a lighthouse
  • Taste local whiskey and beer, and local chocolates for the kids.
  • See a sheepdog in action
  • Learn traditional sports such as hurling or gaelic football from the experts.