Family Adventure Travel in Israel & Jordan

Israel & Jordan are family travel destinations like no other. Both destinations conjure up images of biblical prophets, endless deserts, and ancient sites, a place where the bible is your map.

Destination Highlights

Active Adventures in Israel & Jordan

In one day on a family trip to Israel you could hike, ski, swim, participate in an archeological dig, climb a mountain fortress, visit Crusader castles, ride camels in the desert, or take a jeep trip through contemporary battle sites.


Everywhere in this energetic, dynamic region you will witness the stark contrasts between old and new, ancient and modern. From Jerusalem, radiating with spirituality and history to the pulsating metropolis of Tel Aviv, from the arid Negev desert to the spectacular Sea of Galilee, you will be bewitched by this country of incredible beauty, variety, history and incredible travel adventures.

Israel & Jordan Family Adventure Highlights

  • Bargain in Arab markets, shop in sleek shopping malls or experience the tastes and sights of Shuk Hacarmel–the vast outdoor market of Tel Aviv
  • Go on a 4WD or a camel ride through the Jordanian desert
  • Crawl through water tunnels by flashlight in the ancient City of David, Jerusalem
  • Bike ride through the Negev desert and sleep under the stars in a Bedouin tent
  • Raft down the Jordan river
  • Climb Masada at sunrise and end the day in the Dead Sea
  • Hike into amazing Petra, the famous ancient city of Jordan

Israel & Jordan Sample Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is an action-packed city filled with great restaurants, markets, history, and a long beachfront. In many ways, it is modern Israel in a microcosm.

Days 2
Today you’ll begin your explorations with a visit to a secret bullet factory, built under the laundry of a kibbutz during the period when Israel was governed by Britain. Later, visit the old town of Jaffa and sample some traditional Humus from arguably the best humus restaurant in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, as well as local breads and pastries from a famous local bakery. Continue your exploration with a graffiti tour through some of the revitalized areas of the city and also learn why Tel Aviv is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for its large collection of Bauhaus architecture, dating to the 1930’s.

Day 3
This morning tour the famous markets of Tel Aviv. The Carmel Market is a heaving mass of stalls selling just about everything, while the Levinsky Market is an area of old food stores and artisan food outlets, and you will enjoy a foodie tour here, sampling many of the delights of the area. This afternoon is free to relax. We suggest a stroll along the beachfront, and for most of the year, the sea is warm and extremely swimmable!

Day 4
Departing Tel Aviv, you will head for the desert, stopping first at a unique museum, which is designed to help one understand the lives of blind people. The museum tour is in pitch darkness and you will feel your way past the exhibits, accompanied by a blind guide. It is an educating and unforgettable experience. 

Continue to the Negev desert and marvel at the quick change from the built up metro region of Tel Aviv to the sandy and stony wilderness not far away. Tonight you will have an incredible glamping experience under the stars, far away from civilization.

Day 5
A morning of adventure. You’ll rappel down cliffs and explore the desert in 4×4’s. Later, you will check in to your 5* deluxe hotel located high on a hill overlooking the desert.

Day 6
Today, you will travel to Petra in neighboring Jordan. Petra is one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world – a stone city carved into the desert cliffs. After exploring this incredible site, you will cross the border back into Israel and head to the Dead Sea region for an overnight

Day 7
This morning you’ll visit the historic site of Masada – a mountain fortress built by King Herod over 2000 years ago, where Jewish rebels held out against the Roman army until eventually vanquished. It is a remarkable place and a fascinating story. Later, visit the Dead Sea and enjoy a unique swim, unlike any you have done before. The Dead Sea has so much salt in it that it’s impossible to sink, and you can even read a newspaper while you float on your back! If time permits, you can also do a desert hike along a river.

Day 8
Traveling North, you reach the Sea of Galilee region. You will visit a huge, 1000 year old Crusader castle, and for Christian pilgrims, this is an opportunity to bathe in the Jordan River and to visit the many sites relating to the time of Jesus. Alternatively, the area is great for adventure, and you can do kayaking on the Jordan River and ATV trips in the hills. 

Day 9
Today you’ll visit the Golan Heights, a strategic region conquered by Israel in 1967. One can visit the trenches of former battlefields, hike to beautiful waterfalls and even visit wineries. Enjoy a traditional meal at a Druze village, one of the many different communities which make up modern Israel.

Day 10
Heading south down the coast, we stop at the Bahai temple in Haifa and then at the ancient Roman city of Caesarea. Continue to Jerusalem, where you will spend 3 nights.

Day 11
Jerusalem is a fascinating city. Sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims, it is packed with sites of importance to all three religions. Today you’ll visit the Old City and discover some of these sights, including the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Dome of the Rock. You will also visit the City of David archaeological site, and walk in darkness (or rather, by flashlight) through the water in the ancient Hezekiah Tunnel, built nearly three thousand years ago to channel water to Jerusalem. It is a real adventure!

Day 12
Today you will visit the New City. You will visit the Israel Museum, home to the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Yad Vashem, the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. 

To end the day, you’ll have a great foodie tasting tour at the buzzing Machane Yehuda market.

Day 13
It’s time to say goodbye. Travel back to the airport and check in for your flight back home.

Israel & Jordan Trip Tips & FAQ's

What Time of Year is Best to travel to Israel & Jordan

Both countries are best from around Mid October – mid April ie winter, and the shoulder seasons. From late April until end September it is extremely hot, like the rest of the Middle East and North Africa, 

It is possible to tour Israel and Jordan during the summer months, but the day often begins early, so that touring can be finished by early afternoon, allowing for a relaxed afternoon at the pool.

Is Traveling to Israel & Jordan a Good Idea for a Family Vacation?

Most definitely! Both countries have exciting markets, all kinds of amazing foods, wonderful ruins and historical sites to explore, excellent beaches and super friendly people.

Israel & Jordan Family Vacations: What is There to Do?

Hang out on the beach in trendy Tel Aviv, visit the iconic sites of the Bible, rappel into desert canyons, take exciting 4×4 jeep rides through the desert, ride camels, go glamping in the desert, hike to Petra and snorkel in the Red Sea.

What is food like?

Middle Eastern foods like falafel, tahini and hummus are spectacularly good, while all kinds of salads and bbq meats and fish dishes complement an amazing diet. In addition,  most restaurants cater to international tastes with menus from all over the world.

Israel Family Vacations: Where to Stay

Accommodation ranges from boutique hotels to 5* international chains. Accommodation is generally good, though sometimes unspectacular.

Are Israel Family Vacations Expensive?

Yes. Prices in Israel tend to be very high. Jordan less so, but still higher than some other countries in the Middle East. 



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