Travel is slowly starting up again. We are here for you as always – to advise you on your current and future travel options, and once you feel ready, to help you plan an unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

Booking with confidence: Many of our preferred accommodation and service providers have temporarily adjusted their Terms and Conditions due to the current circumstances. Whether it relates to deposits or other payments or to cancellation policies, terms in many regions are far more flexible than usual. Ask us what the adjusted policies are regarding any destination you are interested in.


OPEN DESTINATIONS: A destination which is open or opening up to international travellers does not mean that the destination is virus free. All travellers will need to inform themselves on the current situation in the country they wish to travel to.

DESTINATION OPENING ANNOUNCEMENTS: These are based upon the latest available information at time of publication. The situation is fluid in many countries and so announcements could change again at any time based upon the underlying conditions in each country..

The NEW NORMAL: For the foreseeable future travel will be different. Masks may be required, physical distancing rules may be in place, and hotels/providers may have adjusted their practices and policies. There will be no buffets for example, and hotels may be running at reduced capacity. Quivertree trips focus on nature/activity/remote parks/adventure/privacy over urban experiences.

FLIGHTS: Flights have been reduced dramatically. A destination may be open, but you may not be able to find a flight to get you there and back home. Quivertree can assist you with finding flights.

TESTING: Many countries may require testing prior to arrival or on arrival or during your stay or at random. Travellers should expect to have to pay for tests in most destinations.

QUARANTINE or SELF ISOLATION: If a traveller produces a positive test result, whether on arrival or later on, they will be quarantined or isolated, possibly under local government supervision. Your planned trip will not be able to continue. YOU MUST BE AWARE OF THIS. No travel company will take responsibility for your trip terminating as a result of a failed test or if you become sick while on your trip.

INSURANCE: In these COVID times, comprehensive insurance is absolutely necessary. Do not rely on your standard travel insurance – check with your provider first before you travel to see if COVID related issues are covered or not. Make sure that your insurance covers anything that will affect your ability to travel. We recommend taking out the most comprehensive cover you can. “Cancel for any reason” coverage can be expensive but is highly recommended.

HOME COUNTRY REGULATIONS: Even if your home country/state/province allows you to travel internationally, you may be required to self isolate when returning home from foreign travel.