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India with Kids: Taking kids to erotic Khajuraho?

Khajuraho carving of a woman applying make up - carved 1000 years go!

Khajuraho carving of a woman applying make up – carved 1000 years go!

Our next stop was Khajuraho. Ths is one of the must see sights of India, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in fact, yet it is totally inappropriate for kids. The reason for making the trip to this isolated town is for its temples, built around 1000 years ago. They are architecturally and artistically magnificent, and life as it was can be seen carved into the temple walls. Many temples have long and very graphic erotic representations as well – of course it’s well known that the Kama Sutra is Indian, and one wonders perhaps if it was written after its author visited these temples? In any case, it’s a challenge with young kids.

Our solution was very simple. The kids stayed with our guide who played soccer with them on the expansive lawns surrounding the temples, while we wandered around on our own. Not ideal, but it worked out just fine.

While the town has a variety of places to stay, we stayed out of town, at the Serai at Toria, a wonderful guesthouse run by an English lady and her Indian husband. Located about 30km from town, the guesthouse has great rooms, great food, and offers boat rides on the nearby river, where we saw tons of incredible bird life. The kids had lots of fun playing cricket with local kids and staff as well.

Khajuraho is not an ideal stop with kids, but if it’s on your route don’t skip it – its an incredible site.