Weird and whacky signs seen all over the world!

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll know we love finding crazy ‘English’ signs on our travels around the world. We encourage you to do the same and send them to us! Very often these are menu misinterpretations, or bathroom signs, but often they are in touristy places, airports, shops, streets etc.
There are many ways a sign can be funny. Often they just make no sense whatsoever:

Israel no swimming sign


Then there’s just the ridiculous:


The absurd:

cash or Octopus

Endless menu gaffes:

Fatty Cow


Admin cost pig

Redburned chinese menu

and too many bathroom examples to count:

Deformed man toilet


toilet rules?



Do not drink this water



Then depending on where you are in the world, street signs can be indicative of what to expect when you’re out and about…

Lion and elephant

Cape Town Boulders Penguins

Here is a selection of some of our favorites we’ve spotted down the years and across many countries!

No washing hair

St Lucia

Luggage of foreigner

Notice the rockslide

Office of Mayhem

jazz hands?

More than toilet


many privates


used tissue