Family Safari Adventures

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One of the greatest adventures any family can have is to go on an African safari.

A safari embodies everything we look for in a foreign trip – exotic, adventurous, close to nature, family bonding and unforgettable memories.

At Quivertree we offer family safari holidays to a number of great destinations – Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, India and the Galapagos Islands.
Most importantly, we’ve been on luxury family safaris in Africa, India and the Galapagos with our own kids, so we can advise you based on our own experience on what will work best for your family holiday abroad.

What do Quivertree family safari holidays offer that others don’t?

A unique family perspective. We’ve been on safari in Africa, India and the Galapagos with our own kids! We know what works for kids and what doesn’t. We’ve been when our kids were babies and when they were teens, and everything in between.

Most travel companies in North America and Europe outsource family safari holidays to third party operators whom they may never even have met. Quivertree is different. In Africa, we’ve teamed up with Lorne Sulcas, a long time personal friend and dad to two kids himself, who also happens to be the most accomplished luxury safari guide and wildlife photographer that we know. Not only has Lorne been taking his own kids on “family” safaris since they were toddlers, but he has personally led safaris in East and South Africa for many years for clients from all over the world, and he will be helping us custom-design family safari holidays for Quivertree families, taking into account kids’ ages, the time of year and each family’s personal preferences. For those families looking for the ultimate African safari, Lorne may even be available to lead safaris himself from time to time.

This is very different from being picked up by a guide you know nothing about at some airport in Africa who you hope will have an understanding of kids!

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