Family Safaris in India

Think of the Jungle Book, and you’ll be thinking of a safari in India.
An Indian safari offers the chance to see rare animals that are now endangered and exist virtually nowhere else. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the animal everyone hopes to see, but in addition, India is home to leopards, bears (Baloo!), rhino, huge bison called gaur and the rare Asiatic lion.


Best for families with children aged 6+.

Best time of Year: October – April

Budget: Caters to all budgets

Best to combine with: A tour of either North or South India.

How does an Indian safari differ from an African safari:
In some ways the experience is similar, and the animals are Asian versions of similar species same found in Africa. Of course India has the tiger, which is not found in Africa.

Indian safaris are modeled on African safaris. Accommodation is excellent, safaris are in local Indian made 4×4 vehicles with local trackers. In some reserves an elephant back safari is possible!