Culinary Expeditions

Foodies!! This is for you!
Customized trips designed by Quivertree’s own Chef-in-Residence to the most tantalizing culinary destinations in the world.
Delectable Destinations:
France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Morocco, South Africa, Peru, India, China, Vietnam, Thailand
Unforgettable Gourmet Experiences:
Throw open your shutters in sunny Tuscany, Puglia or Franschoek, and see the winelands and olive groves stretching to the horizon. Explore local street food and markets with experts who bring ancient traditions and flavours to life. Transform the freshest ingredients into magnificent culinary creations with top local chefs. Dine with royalty in Europe and Asia in their palaces. Cook and eat with local families. Sit on cushions and eat lunch in a 500 year old Bosnian mountain top village! Appreciate wines with the experts, explore the local scene with top culinary authors, hunt for truffles, uncover the secrets of chocolate, and experience the best food tours on earth!
Introducing Hilit Nurick, Quivertree Chef-In -Residence
Hilit trained as a Pastry Chef at the Art Institute of Vancouver. She then founded The Dizzy Whisk where she has been teaching kids and adults the Culinary Arts since 2008. Hilit is an avid culinary traveler, and has first hand gourmet experience across the globe. Hilit advises on every culinary itinerary to ensure that it offers the very best of each destination.