Family Safaris in Galapagos

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The Galapagos offers one of the most amazing opportunities for animal encounters in the world.

In Africa or India, you simply can’t get too close to the animals. In the Galapagos, you can walk right up to them and they won’t run or fly away. On land, you’ll see giant tortoises and amazing reptile life – marine iguanas swim! You’ll also see tons of birds that won’t fly away when you approach them. In the sea you might come face to face with an inquisitive sea lion, or swim with turtles.


Best for families with children aged 8+.

Best time of Year: all year round

Budget: Caters to upper budget levels

Best to combine with: A tour of mainland Ecuador.

How does a Galapagos safari differ from others?

In most itineraries your mode of transport is a boat which will stop at many different islands during the course of a week long cruise. You’ll hike on islands every day, and you’ll snorkel every day as well. For those not inclined to a cruise, it is possible to visit the Galapagos and stay in the three small towns on the islands.