Family Safaris in Southern Africa

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Southern Africa is the perfect destination for an African safari. The region offers so many opportunities that it is ideal for families with young kids as well as for old safari hands who have been on safari many times already.


Best for families with children aged 4+: South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe

Best for families with children aged 8+: Botswana

Best time of year: All year round

Budget: All budgets (Botswana is an ultra premium destination)

Best to combine with: A trip to cosmopolitan South Africa and /or the Victoria Falls.

How does a Southern Africa safari differ from an East African safari?

Denser bush means that you need to seek out the animals more actively. This involves driver/tracker teams and is very exciting. Private game reserves in South Africa allow off road and night safaris – two incredible experiences. River safaris are possible in Botswana.

The countries:

South Africa – Ideal for first timers on safari. Excellent for families with young kids, great infrastructure, malaria- free options, catering to all budgets.

Botswana: Top class safaris, great for older kids, catering to upper budget. Okavango Delta is the highlight! Combines well with Victoria Falls.

Zambia: Up and coming destination, catering to upper budget, great for all age groups, combines well with Victoria Falls.

Namibia: great for all ages, catering to all budgets, combines with desert sand dunes, Victoria Falls, South Africa.

Zimbabwe: up and coming destination, great for all ages, catering to all budgets, combines with Victoria Falls.

Malawi: The “warm heart of Africa” – friendly people, incredible lakeside resorts, combines well with Zambia.