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Exploring Namibia with Kids – Day 3: Glamping deep in the Desert!

Much of the Namib is not sandy. Rather, its rocky and pebbly and there is quite a lot of vegetation. Surprisingly, there is plenty of animal life as well.

Luxury glamping in the desert

Luxury glamping in the desert

We headed to the private NamibRand Game Reserve. This is a private reserve, so one can only access it if you are staying here. It offers perhaps some of the most amazing glamping in the world.

beautiful accommodations in namib

Amazing comfort in the middle of nowhere.

Luxury accommodation of course, but the greatest luxury here is the incredible remoteness. The world and its problems seem so far away when you have the desert stretching out to the horizon in every direction. The evening sundowner, an African safari tradition, was spectacular.

picnic in africa

Sundowners – an African tradition!

Surprisingly, there is plenty of animal life. We were able to see plenty of gemsbok (known to the rest of the world as Oryx), which is the national animal of Namibia and is an incredibly graceful animal with amazing arched horns, as well as desert adapted zebra. We also saw the smaller springbok, which derives its name from the fact that when alarmed, at actually springs up on its four legs, which allows it to escape predators much faster than if it was running!

sunset at namib desert

Another early morning!

The NambiRand Reserve is an amazing place to relax and to appreciate just how vast the world is. At night, the luxury tented accommodation allowed us to see the milky way and the incredible moon that made its way across the sky. The absolute silence was deafening. A simply superb experience!

Having reached the most southerly point of our trip, we headed North after breakfast the following morning.

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