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Iceland is Now Open for All Travel!

Roadside fun

Roadside fun

We are thrilled that one of our favorite destinations, Iceland, is now open for all international travel!


Iceland is both the ultimate family adventure playground and the ideal romantic honeymoon spot–a small island filled with an incredible array of magnificent natural beauty.


Quivertree trips in Iceland are unforgettable! Some highlights include:
  • Exploring the Jokulsarlon iceberg lagoon – featured in numerous movies – in a zodiac.
  • Walking through and behind the Seljalandfoss waterfall.
  • Snowmobiling on a glacier.
  • Dropping 700 feet inside a dormant volcano (and coming out again…).
  • Hiking, hiking and more hiking– in landscapes that are varying degrees of spectacular.
  • Whale watching, puffin viewing and exploring quaint seaside towns along your route.
  • Playing golf at midnight surrounded by lava fields.
  • Biking, horseback riding, caving, rafting, snorkeling and scuba adventures – this is a great adventure destination although you’ll most likely spend a lot of time soaking in natural hot pools which are found all over the island.
  • Iceland is also a great winter destination with mild temperatures and memorable Northern Lights viewing!

What to Expect on a Trip to Iceland

Iceland is easily done as a self-drive. A mix of pre-planned activities and spontaneous stops along the way work perfectly in the seemingly endless opportunities for hiking and walking. (Driver-guides are also an option.) Accommodation can be in intimate luxury lodges, remote ranches or luxury glamping. As the country is isolated, with a very small local population, and only one mid-sized city to speak of, it is also a perfect destination in the current Coronavirus period.

Iceland is an incredibly easy destination to visit, especially with children. For one thing, although the language looks impossible, virtually everyone appears to speak English very well, so you rarely have that sense of helplessness that can be the case when you’re in many foreign countries. Secondly, although there are so few people, facilities are modern and very clean. So there is no feeling of foreboding when you enter a restaurant or hotel.

A beautiful country with many unpronounceable place names!


As far as food is concerned, considering how remote a lot of places feel, you can get by, although you probably will not remember the country especially for the cuisine unless you are pretty brave and try exotic fare (horse goulash, puffin, shark or whale can frequently be on menus).  But no matter the size of the town (whether small or tiny), there is always a supermarket around, and you’ll have no problem finding pizza, burgers and other things to satisfy the kids for a few days. Food is not cheap and nor are hotels, but the hotel breakfasts are very good and big and will most likely fill you up for a large part of the day. The best deal is often the soup and bread course offered in so many places. In many cases you are allowed as many refills as you like (Bautinn in Akureyri and the restaurant in the visitor center in Vik come to mind) which is great on the wallet and because you’ll most likely be cold.


It's going to get cold

It might get cold!

Pack well. It will probably be cold, and your trip will be been easier if you throw in light gloves, a warm hat, and a coat. Even in summer sandals may never make it out of your suitcase.


Visiting Iceland with Kids

For kids, Iceland is a paradise. If your kids like scrambling up mountains, or climbing around craters, or just exploring nature, Iceland is incredible. It is a place where you can literally pull off the road virtually anywhere, and find some adventure. You’ll most likely find some amazing sight, and have it all to yourself. Even the most visited sites – Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle – do not feel especially crowded. However, a word of warning : if your children enjoy walking around large cities, with huge markets, museums, colorful local populations, as in South -East  Asia or Central or South America, Iceland is not for them. They may become bored, very quickly. But if you and they have a sense of adventure, and are excited by what nature will throw at you around the next bend in the road, this is a fabulous destination. Just dress warm.

On arrival in Iceland, travelers will take a Coronavirus test (it will cost approximately US$110 and anyone born in 2005 or later is exempt). Results will be available by phone app usually on the same day (or the following day for arrivals after 5pm).

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