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We got back from Myanmar just a few months ago. but it is amazing to see the hype surrounding the country lately.

Firstly, at least on the face of it, there appears to be some real political will directed  towards reform. Take Hillary Clinton’s recent visit, which included meetings with Aung San Suu Kyi and the government, and some real possibilities of political repositioning away from the orbit of China and perhaps, back into the West’s orbit. Time will tell.

Tourism is on the increase. My contacts tell me that it is getting really tough to find hotel rooms in Myanmar for the current high season, and perhaps we have recent reports in Lonely Planet, CNN and the Financial Times to thank for that – each ranks Myanmar amongst their Top Ten destinations for 2012. You’ll find the FT link posted on the Quivertree facebook site today.

This is all good news for the people of Myanmar. Many people make their livelihood from the travel industry and this will increase. Political reform is obviously a good thing.

The Lonely Planet has also just published its latest guide to Myanmar- I took a look yesterday and it looks good. Of course, all guidebooks are inevitably out of date when they get published, especially in a country where things are moving so quickly, but still, the new book is very welcome.

Take a look at this article from CNNGo on other changes in Myanmar. It’s really interesting. Read it here.

Contact me if you have any Myanmar questions through the Quivertree site. I am helping many people currently with their travel plans to this incredible country.