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Ancient Egypt has held us in awe forever. What child does not know about the Pyramids, Mummies and Tutankhamen?

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East Africa offers the classic vistas of open savannah grasslands teeming with animals.

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East Africa elephants

South Africa

Southern Africa is the perfect destination for an African safari. The region offers so many opportunities that it is ideal for families with young kids as well as for old safari hands who have been on safari many times already.

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Just the name conjures up visions of the Arabian Nights, of oases in the desert with millions of palm trees, of forts and castles and exotic souks filled with treasures.

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golfing in morocco


In the News

Smart Travel in a post Covid World. Part 1: Getting far off the tourist trail!

How our travel lives have changed. Most of us last traveled in 2019, which seems like an age ago, while…

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Namibia with Kids – Day 7. Etosha to Windhoek. Farewell Namibia!

We were up very early the following morning as we planned to pay a brief visit into the National Park…

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Namibia with Kids – Day 6: On safari in search of the Desert Elephants, and Etosha lions!

We had a spectacular morning.   Getting up very early, we left with the camp guide in search of the…

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