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Smart Travel in a post Covid World. Part 1: Getting far off the tourist trail!

How our travel lives have changed. Most of us last traveled in 2019, which seems like an age ago, while for many, 2020 was simply the year that did not happen. 2021 will be the year that travel slowly starts getting going again, especially as the vaccine rollout gains momentum. But will travel look the same as before, or will people want to travel in a different way?

As we have written in recent newsletters, we think travelers will want to do things differently. Travel for longer, purposeful travel to benefit others, experiencing our natural world in all its beauty, adventuring away from the crowds, and getting active and feeling more alive.

Today, we discuss getting away from the crowds.

North Rim Grand Canyon viewpoint (top of photo) in summer – 6 people in the picture at top!

North Rim views

Getting away from crowds means to travel smarter. Think of the Grand Canyon – a wonder of the world, visited annually by millions. Yet, one can escape the crowds. The South Rim sees 90% of all visitors, while the North Rim sees only 10%. Go to the North Rim!

Or think hugely popular European destinations such as Italy or Spain. Millions of visitors go to both, yet vast regions remain virtually untouched by tourists. In (Northern) Spain, the regions of Asturias, Cantabria and Galicia are magnificent, yet how many travelers know about them? Likewise in Italy, the wonderful, foodie rich region of Emilia Romagna sees a fraction of the visitors who go to neighboring Tuscany.

Emilia Romagna (below) – Pure Italy, without the crowds!


Finally, there are many, many countries around the world that see very few visitors, yet offer life changing experiences to those who venture to them. Ever considered Mongolia (the least dense country in the world), Guyana (in South America) or Malawi (in Africa)?

(Left) Lake Malawi – What a Gem! (Middle) – Wild Guyana (Right) Mongolia – least densely populated country in the world!


The message is that there are so many ways to escape the crowds, whether it be adventuring to a remote country across the world, visiting a lesser traveled region in one of the top tourist destinations, or even in your own country. With Quivertree, the world is your bubble.