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India with Kids? Are you serious?

Entry # 1

We went to India on our honeymoon. Lucky we were young – we had the help of a local travel agent and so… we arrived at hotels that were full and had never heard of us…we had tickets for trains that didn’t exist…lucky we were young. We dealt with it all, even if it meant a ten hour local train trip in place of the planned two hour express, and sleeping in zero star hotels because our agent had told us that vouchers (for starred hotels) were uneccesary. Despite all of this, we only had wonderful memories of touring India from North to South and East to West.  We always wanted to return and didn’t get around to it.  Kids arrived, and while we traveled to many places, we felt that our kids need to grow up before tackling India again.

By mid 2008, we had three kids in tow – a girl, Gal, aged 11, and two boys, Daniel aged 7 and Eitan aged 3. We decided it was time to return to India. Our friends know as people who are not afraid to travel  with our kids but still, they stared at us with open mouths when we told them. The fact is, Europe or Mexico is about as exotic as it gets for most of them and if they go, often it will be without their kids. We’ve never traveled without ours.

We went and got our visas.

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