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India with Kids: Where to go?

Post #2

We’d been to many of the big sites in India on our first trip and so we decided that this time round we’d concentrate less on sights and more on having the kids see an overall picture of life in the Subcontinent. We targeted the South, which we had seen less of that first time, and I had always wanted to visit Hampi, the ruined capital of the Vijayanagara empire.

So, after plenty of reading and research, we decided on Karnataka, including Hampi, Mysore, UNESCO World Heritage temples, Nagarhole National Park and the coffee growing region of Coorg. We also chose to revisit Kerala in its green watery brilliance.  Karnataka is often bypassed in India itineraries although Kerala is typically a highlight and is well known. We did not want to spend much time in any major city and felt the kids would be happier in the countryside and in areas less well known and hopefully more hassle free.

Our experience on our first trip with a local Indian travel agent had been near disastrous but I still felt we needed things organised from A-Z, especially with three small kids in tow. Luckily this time round the internet was available and we found an India based company that sounded excellent and decided to take our chance again. Together we would plan our itinerary while they alone did the bookings and looked after the transport.  The advantage of working with a local agent is cost and expertise. The disadvantage may be reliability. We decided to take our chances but at least this time round we had the testimonials of others to go by.

PS I am now planning great family trips to India myself. If you’d like more info on how I can plan a trip for you, visit here for more info!