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The Grand Canyon with Kids – The North Rim

At the North Rim - thank goodness for the fence.

At the North Rim – thank goodness for the fence.

The vast majority of visitors to the Grand Canyon go to the South Rim. Easier to reach, far more accommodation – it just makes more sense to most people. But, if you want to escape the crowds and really get a feel for the majesty of the place, consider the North Rim. It’s a longer drive, and accommodation is limited to one lodge in the Park itself but it is quiet, the views are wonderful, you can go hiking and meet nobody else – it’s a completely different experience.

Our accommodation was simple – just a small cabin in the woods. We loved exploring the area by foot, and if we had had enough time we would have taken a donkey trek. But the best thing by far was that there were so few other people and we could explore without stepping on anyone elses toes!

Trees that smell like Vanilla

Trees that smell like Vanilla

What did the kids like best? Smelling the trees! It’s true – the Ponderosa pine, which is found everywhere in the area, smell likes vanilla, or some kind of dessert. What a  great memory of the Grand  Canyon!

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