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India with Kids 2013. Walking in the Himalayan Foothills (Day 2).

Our second day in the Himalayas dawned glorious. This being India, it came as no surprise that in the house next to ours, a water buffalo was sneaking its head into the home.

After breakfast, we set off for another day of hiking. We spent the morning walking through wheat fields, past houses and schools,  and everywhere we went we saw women hard at work. It’s always the women who seem to do the heavy loading in India – working in the fields, on road crews, you name it.  We tried to visit a school, but it was final exam time, and so this was impossible. Any other time of year though, and I have no doubt we would have been able to visit.

Lunch was set up for us in a forest, and it was excellent. After lunch it was only Daniel and I who carried on hiking, while the others took a short cut (by car) to the next village house.  We arrived late in the afternoon, and immediately got busy getting incredibly comfortable – comfy chairs, pots of hot chocolate and tea, cookies, cold drinks and beer (for me).

While we relaxed, Eitan and Pujan went off for a small hike themselves. Eitan came back very excited – he’d seen the most incredible mountains! The Himalayas of course!

It was cold at night, and we loved the hot water bottles that were waiting for us in our beds. When I was growing up this was a standard item in winter, but these days one never find a hot water bottle anywhere. The kids loved it!

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