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Dear Fellow Traveling Families,

Welcome to 2024! Quivertree families traveled to all corners of the globe in winter, and we’re now looking ahead to spring and summer! Have you started thinking about your spring and summer vacation???

We highly recommend booking early so as to avoid disappointment. Some high demand countries such as Iceland have very limited accommodation options which book out VERY early. The earlier we can finalize trips, the better.

Where to go? In 2023, the Quivertree team visited both new destinations such as Nepal, Bhutan and Oman as well as old favorites such as Japan, Botswana, Colombia, Ecuador, Greece and Turkey.

We will build your ‘once in a lifetime’ and milestone event experiences – African safaris, the Galapagos, trekking in the Himalayas, hiking and biking in Europe, private villas in Italy and France, private yachts in the Greek Isles and Turkey, Scandinavia and the Northern Lights and so much more.

For empty-nesters whose kids have moved out – call us! We are still here for you!

So, don’t wait too long with your trip planning in 2024. Contact us NOW to start working on your 2024 vacation, or that once in a lifetime multigenerational trip, the longed-for but often delayed family trip, or your special birthday celebration or your honeymoon!

Feel free to contact us anytime. THIS is the year for us to make your dreams come true!

Let us help you plan your adventure this year!

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Jim, Carol and kids were in Vietnam. It’s always been one of our most popular destinations and for many great reasons! Buzzing cities, beautiful beaches, spectacular nature and outdoors like Pu Luong (above), amazing food and incredible side trips to Laos as well as Angkor in Cambodia!

Michele, Omar and family were on a milestone celebration trip in Thailand. Visiting an elephant rescue center, Michele said “we loved the trip, it was fabulous.”

We had a group of 6 couples from Seattle traveling to the Galapagos and mainland Ecuador. At the end of the trip they spent a few days at a traditional Ecuadorean hacienda in the Andes where they donned the local gear for horseback riding!

And this is what you can see while on horseback – Cotopaxi, the highest active volcano in the world!

Susan, Amy, Troy and the grandkids made it a three generation vacation in Spain! Enjoying some Spanish stye churros, Amy wrote:”Thanks Gideon, we had an amazing time and all of our guides were excellent!”

Stephanie, Jennifer and Myrla (above) were in Baja California, Mexico, which is a perfect getaway destination anytime of year!

Maxine, Logan and Holly (above) witnessed the Great Migration in the Serengeti of Tanzania. Maxine told us:”Our safari in Tanzania was amazing, a great adventure!”

Iceland in the winter is a grand adventure. Davin, Elyse, Mitchell and Zachary went glacier hiking (above), fully kitted out with crampons and ice axes!

And of course we’ve been traveling too! Gideon (above) was in less traveled Japan including beautiful Okinawa Island and inland Honshu. When in Japan…!

Philip and family (above) visited Oman, a spectacular new destination we will feature in depth in the near future. This is a country full of beautiful beaches, wonderful mountain hiking, deserts, forts, walled towns, vibrant markets and perhaps the friendliest people we’ve ever encountered. An absolute gem!

Let us help you plan your next family vacation!

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Quivertree’s Famous Funny Signs

Luckily the more we travel, the more we see!

Water fountains are apparently huge travel hazards!

Meat lover’s dream. Say no more!

Is one extra step absolutely necessary?

Pretty common to read this in menus, wouldn’t you say?

We’ve got to start including this in our itineraries!

Somehow this doesn’t inspire too much confidence.

We’re still trying to figure this one out.