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We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Quivertree families around the world a very Happy Holiday season and a Happy New Year!

To end an exciting year of travel, we are delighted to present #7 in our Focus Series, focusing on the newest exotic destination in the world – Saudi Arabia, as well as a report back on the amazing, unknown Greek islands of Lesvos and Chios!

Gideon reports back on his visits to these incredible destinations below!

Saudi Arabia – The Unknown Kingdom

“Saudi Arabia has set itself the goal of becoming a huge tourism destination. So I went to check it out!

The culture is incredibly intact – you will see people wearing their traditional dress everywhere. Family comes first and foreign guests are very much welcomed. The country is spectacular – untouched deserts, incredible ancient archaeological sites, and wonderfully friendly people. But for me, what was most interesting is that this is a country in transition – from the old ways to new ones – and one can see this happening before your eyes.

Being a tourist in Saudi Arabia, knowing that you are one of a very special few at this point in time, is an incredible experience. The country is safe and extremely welcoming to all visitors”.

Note that this is a high end destination with the emphasis on luxury.

Gideon also went to the wonderful Greek Island, this time to the incredible North Aegean, home to spectacular Lesvos and Chios Islands.

“These two virtually undiscovered islands lie in the Northern Aegean Sea, just off the coast of Turkey. They are beautiful, authentic, and best of all, not overrun with tourists. In fact, most of the visitors are Greek. You don’t have to be afraid of tourist traps – there are none, and you might find that you have a perfect slice of beach all to yourself. There are no huge resorts and no big hotel chains – instead, we may book you into a cottage located in a citrus orchard, or an amazing villa overlooking the vast expense of the sparkling blue Aegean. Athens is just a short hop by plane, while the Turkish coast is a remarkably short ferry ride away.

There’s no need to book a table at a restaurant, there are many fascinating local villages to explore, wonderful beaches, and great Greek food!” Ask us about Chios and Lesvos Islands when you want to go to Greece!

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Much of Saudi Arabia (above) is spectacular desert – and the people are super friendly too!

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Below, the people wear their traditional dress throughout Saudi Arabia. The old (Mounted Police and camels) contrasts with the new (McDonalds!).

Below – Greece at its undiscovered best.

Stay in a cottage in a citrus orchard.

Island life – no crowds, so no need to book a table anytime!

Island beaches – never fail to amaze.

The remarkable painted villages of Chios!

Simple luxuries – what else can you possibly want?

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Quivertree’s Famous Funny Signs

Luckily the more we travel, the more we see!

Somehow we think they mean something else.


Probably a steady supply of these all over the world…

Insert! Insert! Insert!!

Do we have to?

Remove child before washing – would’ve thought people would do this without needing the advice

Seems quite strict and a little vague?