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Following Philip and Liora’s epic adventure in Nepal and Bhutan earlier this year, we are thrilled to launch these fantastic countries as new Quivertree destinations!

Nepal is quite simply one of the world’s great travel destinations. A hiking and trekking paradise, Nepal combines Himalayan views, outstanding food, jungle wildlife, lovely hill towns and atmospheric bustling cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Highlights include: hiking from village to village or lodge to lodge (with all meals included and your luggage transported) and a visit to Everest or Annapurna Base Camp (by helicopter or a guided trek). Nepal also offers great value for money and, as Kathmandu is one of the world’s hiking capitals, you can even get all your equipment and gear on arrival!

Bhutan is the mystical mountain kingdom long regarded as the ‘happiest place on earth’.

Entering Bhutan – from the fortress shaped airport to the traditional ‘gho’, the national robe worn by most men – feels like leaving the modern world behind and traveling back in time. Thimpu, the capital, does not even have one traffic light! This is a country and people steeped in ancient traditions and beliefs and a very, very rich culture.

Bhutan is a small country but packed with highlights. The intricate architecture of its Dzongs (forts), the magnificent Tiger’s Nest Monastery almost impossibly perched on a mountain cliff side, elaborate dance festivals, local culture and friendly local people not quite affected by 21st century norms are wonderful. And everywhere, Himalayan peaks to wonder at!

Bhutan will amaze and surprise you. It is extraordinary in every way and you’ll leave feeling you’ve experienced the last real Himalayan kingdom. Best of all, these 2 countries are easy to combine into one incredible trip! This is a trip begging to be experienced!

Let us help you plan your adventure to Nepal and Bhutan!

Let's Plan Your Trip

Let us help you plan your dream trip to Nepal and Bhutan!

Let's Plan Your Trip

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