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Dear Fellow Traveling Families,

Travel is back in full force!

August saw Quivertree families continue to travel in large numbers. Some went on once-in-a-lifetime African Safaris, while others enjoyed the highlights of Europe, and still others went to wonderful South America and Asia!

A super fun-filled summer for so many Quivertree families! In addition, we have also been exploring many amazing destinations.

Canada: Gideon took his family to the Maritime Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, truly spectacular destinations. Gideon also explored the best of fascinating Newfoundland.

These destinations are so close to the Eastern seaboard of the USA, and the great value of the Canadian dollar offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy Canada at its very best!

Europe: Philip and Liora are currently in the Dolomites, the spectacular mountain region of Northern Italy and next week are heading off to Albania!

Planning for Xmas? It’s not too late!


  • Australia and New Zealand – amazing countries best visited in their summertime!
  • Safaris: A once -in-a-lifetime experience for every traveler!
  • South East Asia: A great time of year to visit Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.
  • Europe: Christmas Markets in Germany, the Northern Lights in Iceland or Finland, or amazing theater and sports in England – winter is always a fabulous time to be in Europe!
  • South America: Colombia, Patagonia and Peru are just some of the wonderful destinations this amazing continent has to offer !

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Some Favourite Quivertree Trip Photos from Around the World

We LOVE getting your trip photos! Here is a selection of some recent photos we have received from traveling Quivertree families!

Christoph, Jenny and Shoshana explored incredible Namibia. Namibia is home to the unbelievable Namib Desert as well as having great safaris. You can climb giant sand dunes and go on amazing horseback rides. Christoph and Shoshana are shown above doing both!

Jenny said “Thank you so much for suggesting Namibia! It really was the perfect ‘first introduction’ to Africa, and we loved the landscape, animals, and people whom we met along the way.”.

Julie, Ed, Ezra and Jonah went hiking on a glacier in spectacular Iceland, a very popular Quivertree destination. Did you know that Iceland is also an awesome winter destination, and is a great place to see the Aurora Borealis?

Kim, Sam and grandma Cheryl (above) loved their trip in England, including their visit to the ruined (and apparently haunted) 11th Century Corfe Castle in beautiful Dorset.

Valeria, Alejandro, Gabriel, Agustin and Emma enjoyed the multiple volcanoes of spectacular East Java in Indonesia.

Greece was hugely popular this summer with Quivertree families! Gideon went to explore some of the little known islands of the Northern Aegean, including stunning Lesvos and Chios!

Saramati, Murali, Mani and Avani were in amazing Colombia, Saramati wrote: “The coffee region (shown above) was extraordinary. The excursions were really fun!”

Steve, Karen, Karl, Ted and Alexander were on safari in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Karl commented “Our guide went out of his way – this included getting us to visit a particularly appealing family of gorillas, proving how his background as a former game ranger truly enriched our trip”. In Uganda ” the lodges were spectacular”.

Philip and Liora explored the Dolomites region of Italy (above), which has become a super popular Quivertree destination, famous for its incredible hiking and other adventures such as Via Ferrata.

Gideon also visited spectacular Newfoundland, the most easterly Canadian province (amazingly, it’s only 4 hrs flying time to Europe!).

Gros Morne National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the hike to the top of Western Brook Pond Mountain is surely one of the greatest day hikes in the world!

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Quivertree’s Famous Funny Signs

And finally, as usual, a few photos that represent the surprises and joys of traveling.

Local advice clearly differed from place to place in the pandemic. This one went down pretty well in certain circles.

Although this could be an interesting piece of local culture…

Yup, 30 seconds should just about do it!

Absolutely agree with this one!

Many of our favourite signs are those that seem to mean absolutely nothing at all!

Too many great dishes to choose from! Anyone for chicken dump truck? Or Dumping thickness? Green Dish? Foul Metal? Fool Industrial? We’ll have to eat here all week!

This feels very specific!

A Pumba Crossing! Not often we see one of those!