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Dear Fellow Traveling Families,

At Quivertree we are always look to get our foot in the door first, so that we can test a destination early, before offering it to our guests.

In this series, Gideon reports back on his visits to three incredibly different but equally untouched destinations – Malawi & Zambia in Africa, and Guyana in South America.

Focus Series #6 – Testing New and Exotic Destinations for You!

Zambia and Malawi – Unknown Paradise Destinations of Africa

Gideon’s comments:

“Malawi and Zambia are not destinations many of you will be familiar with at all. But this is what makes them so special. Malawians are known far and wide as being amongst the friendliest people in Africa, and Lake Malawi is a world class destination – not only is the Lake amazingly beautiful, but it is home to hundreds of species of cichlids – magnificent little fish found in home aquariums worldwide, and snorkeling or diving in Lake Malawi really makes you feel like you are in an aquarium!

Zambia is one of the top safari destinations in Africa. Some say its the best due to its undiscovered nature. Home to incredible wildlife, it also shares the Victoria Falls with Zimbabwe, has amazing safaris camps, and it is where the walking safari was born (for guests from 14 or 16 years depending on the route). For guests seeking the highest in luxury, Quivertree offers a private aircraft option, with your own personal pilot and airplane taking you across the country to all the best National Parks (and to Malawi as well!). Truly a once in a lifetime luxury experience!

Zambia – visit for the safari of course, but it is the people who will make your experience unforgettable! (above)

Lake Malawi is paradise in Africa! (above right)

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Guyana – Untouched South America

Gideon’s comments:

“Guyana is a totally unknown destination that will appeal to all adventurous travelers. It receives less tourists in one year than London receives in 2 days!

It has pristine jungles & wildlife and one of the most amazing waterfalls in the world! But it is destined to change dramatically – it is being called the “Next Dubai” due to recent huge oil and gas discoveries.

Guyana really feels very different from other countries in South America. The people identify totally with the Caribbean islands, English is the national language and they are passionate about cricket!

The nature is unparalleled, with giant otters to be spotted in the jungle rivers and giant anteaters in the savanna grasslands. Much like in Africa, you will travel mainly by light aircraft. Costs are similar to an African safari.

All Guyana adventures can end with relaxed tropical beach days on one of many nearby Caribbean islands!

Exploring for you – we continue our explorations throughout the year. Philip has recently explored Albania, while Gideon will soon be traveling to lesser known regions of Japan!

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Foodie tour in Guyana – these peppers are hot!!

Incredible sights in Guyana! Gideon is dwarfed by a giant termite hill.

The Kaiteur Falls – the world’s largest single drop waterfall – is a sight to behold, and hardly any tourists!

Exploring the jungle rivers of Guyana for birds, monkeys and otters!

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Quivertree’s Famous Funny Signs

Luckily the more we travel, the more we see!

How can you possibly go wrong with this brand of detergent?

Please don’t use outsiders! Whatever that means!

It would be great if they could open some service centers for more animals and vegetables.

Seems unnecessarily strict.

A great new invention, free with your hotel room!

Sometimes the local offerings are too exotic – even for the most intrepid Quivertree traveler!

Seemed a perfect place to heat our coffee…