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Outer Banks, North Carolina

Got to love those outside showers!

A number of years ago we spent two weeks in Duck, North Carolina with some of my wife’s extended family. This is a wonderful part of the world, a real family playground. Duck is pretty busy in the summer, but the beaches are fabulous. Our house was just minutes from the beach so our days mostly followed the same pattern – not a bad thing at all in such a great location!

Fun on the beach

I’d start my day with a run. A little foolhardy, mind you. After about 20 minutes, I could hardly breathe thanks to the heat and humidity. Even at 7 in the morning. But the reward for this was an early swim in the ocean. Then the family would wake lazily and slowly, on typical beach town time. Breakfast, then the morning on the beach. Off the beach for lunch, then back on, and then those outside showers which beach houses all come with. We’d close the day with takeouts and a movie, just real bliss.

Go up the stairs on the beach and you're at our beach house!

Duck is not as quiet as some beach towns I’ve been to (Long Beach Island,N.J. has a string of tiny, sleepy towns) but for some it will be too quiet. For them, Kitty Hawk, where the Wright Brother first flew, is a few minutes down the road. Now that’s a growing, big town with all the shops and amenities anyone could possibly want. Whatever you need you’ll find there (we had to find swimming diapers – I reckon if you can find those – we did – you can find most of anything).

Beach house pranks

The Outer Banks are sometimes plagued by turbulent summer weather. But for a relaxing, beautiful magical family beach vacation, it’s really a hard place  to beat.

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