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Thessaloniki: The Best Foodie Destination in Greece 2023

When I think about the most beloved cuisines of the world, Greek food immediately comes to mind. But today, I will stray from our normal imaginings of what “Greek food” is, as you won’t find me talking about Greek salad, spanakopita or moussaka. No, if we dare explore the less touristy parts of Greece (Athens, Mykonos and Santorini I’m looking at you), then we will be able to try the new age of Greek cuisine, which is being reinvented in the second largest city in the country located in Northern Greece-Thessaloniki.


Greece: A Budding Gem in Culinary Tourism

Thessaloniki is an ancient city on the water with a fascinating history (think of Paul the Apostle’s Letter to the Thessalonians!). Even more fascinating however, is the bursting foodie culture that has arrived on the scene in the last few years. Free to innovate, the chefs of Thessaloniki are breaking boundaries of modern Greek cuisine and creating flavors and dining experiences that surpass all expectations. 

Hidden in old cobblestone side streets are restaurants that are remaking ancient traditions. Instead of serving boring rice and potatoes to accompany a meat dish, they create spectacular risottos and dumplings which they infuse with enhancing flavors; Pink risotto made with beets, risotto with ricotta and orange zest, and mini potato and cheese dumplings are the new accompaniments to the main events which can include medium-rare steak infused with truffle oil and herbed butter, or 48-hour braised lamb shank! If you do find yourselves craving the classics then of course they also have their place on the menu, and you can enjoy fresh tzatziki with stuffed grape leaves and delicious gyros – all made with the best ingredients!

Greek stuffed grape leaves

Of course, no meal is ever complete without dessert, and my oh my, does Thessaloniki know how to satisfy a sweet tooth! The local specialty is called Bougatsa, which is a dessert made of layers of fluffy phyllo pastry filled with a sweet custard, Bougatsa’s are incredibly delicious and while incredibly sweet, leave you wanting more! Once you make your order and grab your coffee, you can sit outside, taking in the relaxed Mediterranean vibe and watch as people walk along the ancient cobblestoned streets. 

Experience Real Greek Food For Yourself

If your mouth is already salivating at the thought of all these delicious foods, then Thessaloniki is the place for you! For the ultimate foodie experience, contact us, as we know all the best spots, and our foodie experts keep us up to date with all the new and best spots in town! Oh, and an added bonus? Thessaloniki is easy on the wallet so you can eat more for less. 

Ready to experience authentic Greek food? Begin planning your trip to Greece or contact us for more information.

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