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New Zealand – The Ultimate Adventure Travel Destination!

New Zealand is the ultimate destination for jaw-dropping views and sensational activities that will keep your heart racing long after you board your flight back home! A small country that is easily accessible by car (self-drive trips are our favorite in this destination!) there is an abundance to see and explore – making New Zealand an epic destination for adventure travel! 

New Zealand: Natural Beauty and Endless Adventures

So what is there to do in New Zealand you might be wondering? Well let’s start by saying that the diverse beauty of New Zealand is unsurpassed. Alpine mountain peaks, gloriously clear lakes, thermal wonders throughout and magnificent white sand beaches are just a few of the spectacular scenes that come to mind! And what makes it extra beautiful is that since New Zealand is such a small country (it will fit 3 times into the State of California!), it allows us to travel from one extreme to the next in the blink of an eye. This not only makes it fantastically exciting as the views continue to change, but it’s also time friendly for those who count their remaining vacation days on their fingers! Another beautiful aspect of this natural paradise is that it’s home to a rich Maori culture, so as you continuously take in the spectacular views, you will also have the opportunity to learn about and experience the traditions, culture and history of the Maori people.

New Zealand also happens to have wonders that are unique to its shores. If you want to see spectacular glow worms in a 30 million-year-old limestone cave (scroll down for the photo and you will absolutely want to see them for yourself) then you have to visit New Zealand, as you won’t find this phenomenon anywhere else! Another accessible phenomena are the inland glaciers that New Zealand has. Just think of how incredible it is that in a single trip you can sit on a white sand beach AND see a glacier… seems impossible to imagine but in New Zealand it’s true! 

Now that we’ve discussed the country’s unmistakable beauty, it’s time to explain why New Zealand earns our title of “The Ultimate Adventure Destination”! If you pause and think about any crazy, heart racing activity that makes you wonder if humans actually run towards danger rather than away from it, you can bet it was invented in New Zealand! The original bungee jump, zorbing, black water rafting (tubing through caves, not to be confused with white water rafting) and snowboarding on active volcanoes are all the brainchild of adrenaline junkies of New Zealand! Of course there are also other epic adventures to be had like skydiving, white water rafting, kayaking, world-class skiing, canyoning, swimming with dolphins and thermal beaches where you can soak in steaming hot waters at the edge of the ocean! 

Sound incredibly fun but also a bit daunting? Don’t worry, we know all the best (and safest) spots and our guides are some of the most experienced in the region, and will help make this the most incredible and memorable vacation of your life! 

Ready to experience all New Zealand has to offer? Begin planning your trip today or contact us for more information.