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Gideon and Philip are avid bloggers with a passion for planning group adventure travel… who love to share their own families’ travel adventures and experiences with the whole world !

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About Gideon Nurick

Gideon studied to be an archaeologist in Cape Town, South Africa. While at university he travelled around and eventually explored all of southern African region including the Namibian desert, Okavango swamps in Botswana and the great Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

He then spent many years living in the Middle East and his adventures, together with his wife Hilit, continued in Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Vietnam and Japan.

He started traveling with his children when his oldest was just three months old, and his family travel adventures have taken his three kids to eighteen countries including Morocco, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Israel, South Africa, Ecuador, Australia, Myanmar, Turkey, Republic of Georgia and much of Europe and North America.

About Philip Nurick

A South African by birth, Philip has lived on three, and traveled to six continents with his family (we’re still working on Antarctica), and despite lengthy work spells in the finance and non-profit worlds, he has always been a traveler at heart – “I still want to experience living in several more countries.”

Philip, and his wife Liora, decided when their first (of three) children was born that it would not curtail their traveling. On the contrary, “I believe seeing places through my children’s eyes, and witnessing different cultures with them is an incredibly rich and rewarding family experience.”